Mamas, Think MORE of Yourselves!

I’m over at Mumbling Mommy blog today, sharing about my body image and my cleavage again.  

Husbands, never assume you have caught your wife.  Both spouses must keep working, wooing and surprising each other.  Just this week my darling hubby brought me flowers!  I was surprised and delighted and repaid him by leaving loads of unfolded (but clean!!) laundry strewn about any place he might like to sit down.  

And I left him with the kids Saturday morning while I volunteered for Mothers and More.

If you missed the original “Cleavage Gets a Drink” post...come visit me over at Mumbling Mommy!   

Check out the other awesome posts and maybe get to hear about Katie Parson’s Huffington Post interview!  Go MAMA!  She’s talking about us mamas and our body image...invigorating and inspiring.

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