Enjoy your MOMENTS not your PANTS SIZE! Yahoo Shine’s Jen Larson ROCKS

My Facebook Status update reads: "I am Damn Sexy and Fabulous just exactly as I am.  Thank you Lord, John, and my precious girlfriends for reminding me of this with and without your words.” 

The Lovely Jen Larson
Instead of putting away four hundred loads of laundry I just folded while watching 30 Rock on Netflix,  I settled down to check Facebook, email, anything that kept me from doing that 'putting away of the laundry' thing.  (It takes four days to avoid it and only fifteen minutes to do it.*see below*) And I saw this Yahoo Shine article on a woman named Jen Larson struggling with huge weight loss.  And I read it, and I thought UGH!  I am so stupid.

I know this to be true, what she says in this article, in her book.  I know it to my core.  I am VERY happy ALREADY and yet I talk about the size of my posterior, the food I am eating or not eating, I am RIDICULOUS.  A friend told me just this morning about a You tube informercial diet plan thingie she bought.  She is already fit and gorgeous. I personally own about ten books on diet and lifestyle.  I always hope the next one is the one.  What an industry.  WHAT an INDUSTRY.  

We are absurdly blessed to have too much food to eat.  I’d like to say I will quit blabbering about it and just live the life I want to live including being healthy in my choices....but truthfully?

I just hope I remember Jen Larson.  
Friends & Family--that is MY SEAT in the middle of 'em.

I hope you do too.  

And you know what?  You are HANDSOME.  

And you?  YOU are GORGEOUS and You HAVE a body, some folks don’t.  

When we start counting our calories/exercise/pounds/diet books.... QUICKLETSDOSOMETHINGDIFFERENT:  Count your happies instead.  Take the next step to living your best and favorite life.  Small, big, who cares as long as you are blessing other people and yourself and God with your choices.
PK performing-GLORIOUS!

My ‘happies’ are endless and I count those regularly already.  My next best steps are spending time and thought and energy on something that matters MORE than this food and weight thing:  My faith in God, learning new things, cheering on my dear friends, making great memories with my family and somehow loving my hubby John back for all the ways he loves and lifts me in a day.  

I’ve got a lot to do and all of it feels empowering.  To be able to do it I have to have the energy by eating well, exercising for stress relief....and reminding myself to enjoy the moments and my pants size. It all works together folks.  Please keep reminding me.

Soooo.... what are YOUR happies and your next best steps?

* Seriously....I move the basket onto the bed to put it away ‘later’.  I move it off of the bed to nap instead of putting it away.  Then I put it back on the bed post nap to put it away but anything else comes along and distracts me.  So then John might put it away or move it off of the bed and in front of the closet.  Where I will pick it up from and put it back on the bed the next morning....*rinse, repeat*

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