Does Dairy Increase Cancer Growth? Going Smeagan: S’mostly Vegan

If you have been with me a bit, you know my heart for bacon.  And cheddar cheese popcorn. And cheese anything as it’s own food group entirely.  When I mentioned to someone most casually last week that I was eating less animal foods lately, they said “And You Haven’t BLOGGED About It????”  Well.... 

Well, no.  I’m grateful we have enough money to be luxurious in our food selection.  I am also a bit embarrassed about how much money I spend weekly on food...but I guess one look at our voluptuous figures and you kinda know we aren’t spending money on personal trainers, eh?  I also am all over the place about what I am eating; no sugar, only sugar, vegetarian, meat wrapped in meat on top of some more meat, etc.  So I didn’t want to bore you or give you another opportunity to roll your eyes my direction.  I’m sure my general flair for crazy gives your eyeballs enough exercise. Earlier this year I did write a vegan cook book review here. And I have experimented with other vegan cookbooks here and also back here too.

Engine 2 NOT Cheese Sauce

But Now.  Now I figure it’s been two weeks of playing at veganism and I am ready to talk about it.  I have had meat and dairy here  and there but in general have been smegan.  S’mostly Vegan.  And I like it.  One of the daughters barely touched her grilled cheese yesterday and after one bite I was not interested.  NOT INTERESTED.  WOW.  We love cashew cream sauce as a sub for most things dairy and creamy.  Since we already drank almond milk and used it in most of our cooking...we just stopped buying cowmilk.  It is, after all, for baby cows.  It is designed to grow a three hundred pound creature in a few scant we want that for our littles?  The girls enjoy the vanilla sweetened almond milk and the calcium in it is actually absorbed by our bodies, as opposed to cow milk calcium which IS NOT ABSORBED by our body.  As a country, the USA consumes more dairy than any other country in the world...yet has the highest rate of osteoporosis.  Look into that little fact.  Kind of scary, yes?  We are victims of successful marketing once again.  We are told milk is good for us and necessary when it is only necessary so factory farms make money once again.  I’m sure it is fine in moderation, whatever that is.  I will still indulge in dairy here and there, but it probably won’t be a daily deal for me any more.
 Libby Makin' Vegan Stuff

John and I both have made some interesting vegan recipes during the past two weeks, our favorites coming from The Sexy Vegan by Brian L. Patton and Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton.  Another good place to poke around is also the Engine 2 Diet blog which I heard about eons ago and then wasn’t interested.  A lasagna with all veggies, no cheese? Forgeddaboutit.  I made it and was STUNNED that it was delicious.  

So what made the foodie make this creepy bean sprout covered leap?  My Aunt Ruth is a high powered technology executive who travels all over Asia like once a week.  Or maybe a little less often.  She is vicious clever and creative and fun and I adore her.  Her company had a retreat a few years ago and one of the days was about diet.  The Asian culture has recently begun eating a lot more like our American aka Western Culture...and they are getting diseases they never had before of such magnitude.  She learned dairy was carcinogenic and I politely blinked (not rolled) my eyes.  She and my Uncle Frank, and then my Uncle Ben began eating vegan most of the time.  Fast forward a few years later, and It Hit Me.
The MEATBOX from Omaha Steaks

John and I were on the couch a few weekends ago and watched "Forks Over Knives” on Netflix through our ROKU.  WOW.  We both were anxious and excited.  We both have high cholesterol, weight to loose and potential diabetes waiting for us if we keep consuming the SAD aka the Standard American Diet.  We were frightened to learn about a study where  cancer growth was measured in three week increments in rats according to their diet.  The weeks the rats got more casein, the cancer cell growth EXPLODED, and the three week period where the casein was reduced the cancer cells contracted.  Over and over again it changed.  Measurably.  SCARILY.  

So we agreed to make a change.  Not whole hog (what a terrible euphemism) but ‘mostly’ vegan.  We are exploring, not pious.  We have a freezer full of meat from Omaha Steaks we will eventually cook our way through.  But there are a lot more veggies, and tofu...oh is that a our fridge.  I, Anti Salad Girl, have made and eaten many salads since finding an AWESOME vegan Caesar salad dressing we made.  I cannot wait to try Tahini Ginger, and  Miso something.  MMMM.  My body has begun to ASK for healthier foods.  THAT is a WEIRD ONE.

I weigh the same.  I stilllll weigh the same.  But I am hopeful trimming the junk out of my kitchen will help clear the junk from  my trunk.  And if you invite me to dinner, I will eat anything you serve.  I am not about to be a snob about it.  When we go out to eat we have ordered meat and cheesy things we still love. Just less.  Less.

Your Thoughts?  Your tips?  Have you seen the documentary?

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