Tiny Red Kitchen: Anti Chicken Nugget Mom Admits She Was Wrong

Yep, I thought about a billion folks would want to read this one.  I don’t.  I do not want to read it or write it either....but if I shall preach, may as well preach at myself too, yes?  Being a perfect mother  and Queen Bee of Dinnertime, this post will be a surprise for many of you...especially if you know me and my "Food Matters”, whole foods, organic, whole wheat, anti Chicken Nugget  position.  

I was wrong.
Pk eating Bacon wrapped scallops 

So let’s start with the chicken nuggets.  One of my mom-to-be mantras was “We aren’t going to be a chicken nugget household!” Four years later, this is still true.  I might have bought them for our house exactly once, and then a handful of times from the Golden Arches.  (Not that they are actually even chicken. Learn more here.) I am raising two children on the food my husband and I already eat.  I reduce the spices for curry etc, we stir in plain yogurt to cool things off, and no one is forced to eat their meals. I do not make kid food and the chicken nugget-corndog-pizza trifecta of childhood ain’t happening on my watch.  

As a result, my four year old had her first corn dog  a few months ago, has had maybe four hotdogs her whole life...and most of the pizza we eat is homemade, vegetarian and  on a whole wheat crust.  The problem with raising foodie kids, is they are actually higher maintenance....they want to decide menus, they want side dishes, they want dips and sauces etc.   It is more work, but I am proud of their varied palate.  Until a strange thing happened.  I stole their cheese. 
Libby with hot tea

I love cheese popcorn. LOVE it.  I am picky about it and really want the kind from a popcorn shop like Garrett’s in Chicago where they use the wet cheese sauce instead of the powdered junk. Since this is hard to find in Valparaiso,  I searched online and found homemade recipes using the cheese powder packet from a cheapo box of mac and cheese!  So I stole the cheese packets out of the kid’s boxes, added melted butter, went to town.  Did not share. Which leaves naked noodles.  
Hubby making Perogies, Cabbage and Porkchops

My friend Susan feeds her family “Butter Noodles” which is just what you think it is plus parmesan cheese.   No garlic, basil, pesto, kalamata olives....just butter and parm.  So I made that for the girlie pies one lunch time. They LOVED IT. They ate an entire box of noodles.  ALL OF IT.  Usually even made as box mac and cheese there are leftovers for another lunch.  I guess I was wrong thinking my foodie babes were some kind of culinary advancement in child rearing.  At the end of the day, like every other kid, them girls want butter noodles.  Hold the snobbery.
Libs eating God Knows What

And so I was wrong;  kid food is kid food for a reason.  UGH.  Like most of my hard learned life lessons, do not expect this one to change my choices...I’m still a foodie through and through....but ‘butter noodles’ will be on the regular menu.

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