Shorter Blog Posts May Make You Thinner!

Does this post make my butt look big?

Sometimes I prefer the short and sweet blogs.  I realize my posts are LOOOONG.  I love to put words together;  thoughts and laments and moments.  I like to write out what I am embarrassed or ashamed of to give you permission to be honest with yourself--about yourself too.  I want to explain, to illustrate, to be known and understood.  

But I am too wordy.  

I started reading a blog called "Dropping the Baggage“ that is super short and sweet.  Cathie is a friend of my pal Lori and I have never met her. She is trying to loose a little weight (Ain’t we ALL, Sugar?  Ain’t we ALL!) but she posts almost every day and always something thoughtful, short and sweet.  I’d like to model my posts after hers...a little shorter, but not sweeter!  I like to keep the awkward authenticity out there in front.  

The whole point of my blog to to encourage myself and my readers to KNOW what they love, who they love, how they love and make it HAPPEN.  If you love God, live that love out loud.  Let people NOTICE it.  If you are a fashion girl?  SHARE the journey, live your love out loud.  If you are cooking, share the pictures, the mishaps and grand successes.....out loud for others to grow from.  (And get hungry over and maybe even stalk your kitchen. ) 

So many of us live scared, hiding our true thoughts and ideas and marvelousness because of what others might think of us.  Please let that go.  Let that fear of the unknown go.  In just being yourself you give other people that same just be themselves.  What a Gift.  

Try to lighten your own load today and you may just lift someone else up too.

I am pretty sure my butt is smaller.   Good stuff.

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