Remodeling your old home? Professional Home Services in Valparaiso Indiana

Have you gotten caught by a plumber in your skivvies?   Yeah.  Not  pretty for anybody when it happened over here.  One of my rules is everybody is dressed before we go downstairs...except that one day I was in my bathrobe remaking disastrous cupcakes for Libby’s birthday and and realized the sink was leaking.  Badly.  On the left is what I wished I looked like when the contractor arrived from Professional Home Services in Valparaiso, Indiana.

That bit of sloggishness on the right  is what I actually looked like.  Lovely, yes.  URK.  So Dan Schulz, my friend Susan’s hubby who happens to be a superman contractor and partner with Professional Home Services, came to rescue me and my leaking sink.  He didn’t critique my hideously dirty kitchen or my bedraggled garb.  He just got to work.
Another time we hired Dan’s company Professional Home Services ( to fix a pocket door that would jump the track and trap us in the bathroom.  We also wanted him to add a lock on the door.  Every bathroom in a home with small children should  have a working lock I tell you.  He knew budget was very important to us and worked accordingly.


We had other house jobs though.  We had been planning to install a closet organizer into our master bedroom closet someday.  The ceiling was peeling plaster, the doorway was narrow though the closet was wide...we had troubles that complicated the situation. Then my clever husband came up with the idea of busting open the wall and making double door access to our closet in addition to a closet we called 219-331-1332 to hire Dan Schulz and Tom Cherry of Professional Home Services in Valparaiso, Indiana again!


Due to the nature of our 100 year old home, our floors were not...*Ahem* even.  The wiring for our gorgeous new closet light was also challenging.  We also asked them to paint the interior of the closet using whatever we had around the house....and they did.  Dan was a bit begrudging about that part because painting a closet interior green wasn’t his favorite choice...and since he takes pride in his work he would rather have used white or something lighter.  I liked the fact he cared about the inside of the closet as much as the outside!

Professional Home Services  does whole house gut jobs, kitchen and baths additions electrical  and they are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  Dan Schulz and Tom Cherry are friendly and personable and even though they usually do bigtime demolitions and renovations, they are just as interested in my little odd jobs like a closet door or leaking sink.  I cannot wait till we have them waterproof our basement.  I will plan to wear something other than my towel turbie and a bathrobe.

Here is the closet organizer we bought & had them install.  (We could have done it ourselves, but I think there were fewer tears writing a check than there would have been if we tried doing that on our own.  With little kids handing on our legs and such.)  It is SO NICE to see all of our clothes, have more space and be able to reach everything!  When installing a closet organizer, make sure you measure your hanging clothes first. The closet system wasn’t the greatest at that and we will have to tinker with it.  That is a Rubbermaid Closet system issue though, not the contractor’s. 

The overhead closet light....oh boy that is such a nice feature....I couldn’t believe how much of a difference that made!

The job did take longer than they expected, mostly because of the hangups of an old home.  And some lady adding tasks mid job.  Yeah.  THAT was me.  They were really tidy and I appreciated that.  They even came on a Saturday to finish things up.

If you have a home improvement job you want some help with THIS is YOUR MAN!  
Dan The Man Schulz with Professional Home Services
(Tom too.  Gee Tom, I didn’t get a picture of you, you worked so fast. Dan & Tom make a great complimentary team) I even had a concern with another contractor for our new water heater and Dan talked to the for me...they really liked him and they often worked together so that was nice to hear about too.  I’m so glad to know Dan Schulz and Tom Cherry of Professional Home Services in Valparaiso, Indiana and would suggest them and their work to my friends.  THANKS Guys!

Call them at 219-331-1332 or See more of their work here.

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