"Heart Shaped Cheetos Day" NPR (88.1 WVPE) Radio Commentary with Michiana Chronicles Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Dunuh.  Dunuh.  Dunuh…OH NO!  Here comes that glittery Happy Heart Shaped Chocolate Flowers Jewelry Cheetos holiday we won’t mention.  Directly.   You love it.  You hate it.  You ignore it.  You pretend to hate it but really love it.  I love it.  Ever since I was seven years old and my Dad bought me my very own bag of Cheetos, I have loved this holiday.  My friend just confessed her husband pretends this day doesn’t exist.  I think I will pretend he doesn’t exist!  What a spoilsport!  And whaddya mean Cheetos aren’t romantic?  Anyone with florescent orange crusted fingers and a good book to read knows what I am talking about!

Now I know this day can be sad or embarrassing for some of you. That is ok.  I have so been there.  I still remember one year long ago at college I was so…well not drunk, just…um pained and demonstrative…that I attempted to eat a rose in disgust with the day.  It wasn’t my greatest moment.  And there are reasons roses are not sold as a food, people.   But if you are single (and do not have a tragic story), don’t you dare feel sorry for yourself…the day we will not mention is about fun and love and I’ll bet you love somebody, so celebrate them.  Unless…they are already celebrating with their legal spouse or something.  Or have a restraining order against you.  That could be weird. 

Take cookies or candy or flowers to a nursing home or the places you usually go, like the post office, bank and restaurant.  I still remember going to St. Paul’s nursing home with my Dad and passing out red, pink and white carnations to the ladies. Priceless.  I brought my daughter Portia with us one year, wearing her in a sling and bringing even more smiles to the residents.  If it is a rough holiday for you don’t make it about YOU.  Bless someone else and your little heart can grow three sizes on Heart Shaped Chocolate Flowers Jewelry Cheetos Day.

You can take a page from Gretchen Rubins’ book “Happier at Home” and do a holiday breakfast with decorations, candles, presents and colored food.  You could pass out cookies to the neighbors.  Send flowers to your parents or siblings.  Have some pals over for dinner and a show…where they are the show!  Have them each bring a joke, a song, a poem and entertain the group after dinner.  My friend Corey met his wife by hosting a Pad Thai dinner for single friends one year.   In my friend Ila’s family the husbands set up kids with a babysitter downstairs and then served the ladies dinner upstairs.  After dinner there was a disco ball for dancing in the garage!

If you don’t have an Admirer, admire yourveryownself and buy yourself something marvelous and impractical like flowers or an indulgent  new bedding set with a thread count higher than 180. (Yes I know all about your bed in a bag, Bachelors…knock that off!)  Buy yourself some books, dessert, an aquarium.  Cheetos.  JUMBO bag.  Can you imagine?

Try something new this year.  Don’t go all cliché or worse, ignore it altogether.  Have some fun, spread some joy and a Happy Heart Shaped Chocolate Flowers Jewelry Cheetos Day to you.

Any plans for the day with your beloved or family?  Would love to hear your take on the (Valentine’s) day!

Oh Bummer...this just came out about junk food, including CHEETOS!

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