Cupcakes and Chaos: Pajama Day!

Gorgeous Bathrobe’d Birthday Girl Susan
It started innocently enough, as most things do.  Whitney and I were running away to Chicago for the day with our chilluns.  But.  A lot can go wrong in 3 degree weather far from home with little people so we cancelled.  A rare act of parental wisdom on my part.  So instead we had pajama day!  Whitney and Baby Corinna were coming over to lounge around and we would order a decadent lunch in and sit in our pjs all day.

Or Not.

You see, I am a Curlee.  I am a “Y’all Come!” Girl.  If I am doing it, everyone is invited to get in on the fun.  So as texts and phone calls trickled in on a day that is so cold no mama wants to take no baby outside....and no mama who wants to maintain any level of sanity is going to keep no baby inside at home all became a thing.
Alisha & Susan
Susan and Julia were heading over in their bathrobes & pajama finery.  I was on the phone inviting Alisha and Tori to join us when Facebook (Hello, FB!) told me it was aforementioned dear friend Susan’s BIRTHDAY today.  Alisha hadn’t known either, but planned to pick up balloons.  

I called Whitney and asked her to buy cupcakes from Designer Desserts even though the folks there are not as delightful as their confections.  (We later chatted about that, how no one in that store seems to ENJOY being there, and how if any of us worked in a darling cupcake shoppe you betcha we would be smiling, warm, friendly and awesome.)  So I do not go there often, but it was easy and special festive today.

Then Whitney called to say Katherine was poking around for some fun today, and I enjoy her so that added to our fun times, to have her and Charlie there.  And then Tim and his daughter Peyton from across the way wandered over.  And we had ourselves a Y’all Come Party full of cupcakes and chaos.  
How to tame little beasties?  TIGGER MOVIE

There might have been a lot of popcorn spilled on the carpet during the kids’ movie.    We might have talked a bit about poop and potty training.   We talked about date nights and mayonnaise on your hair and magazines with helpful life advice and beautiful pictures.  There probably wasn’t a single complete sentence spoken by anyone amidst the children running, whining, eating, spilling asking and using the potty.  There might have been a 95 pound dog who got to clean up a lot of popcorn and was a bit pleased with himself about it.
Libby Love for Jules

Having so many adults and kids over at one time is like sitting down in the middle of a shallow river.  It surrounds you and is beautiful but moves too fast to get a close look at any one thing.  I suppose, with our stage of mamahood, avoiding close scrutiny is for the best.

Thank you my friends, thank you for your lives, time, clean up, food, laughter and patience.  I sat with you in my leopard robe in the middle of the river and I had a fine time.  And Happy Birthday Dear Susan!  You really didn’t have to vacuum.  And you missed a spot.  

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