A Tooth and a Prayer? (How Ol Padnah used a Small Child to Teach Me a Lesson)

I overslept and woke up fifteen minutes before my dentist appointment last week.  A friend later asked “Why on earth would you schedule a 7:00am appointment?”  

Why. On. Earth. Indeed. 
Maybelline Outlast LipStain: Will It?

I had to have a crown in. AGAIN.  If your dentist ever suggests an ugly dorky mouth guard at night because  you grind your teeth....DO IT.  My vanity has resulted in FOUR crown replacements which cost about $800 each, two visits each and three hours in a dentist chair. Now if someone had to look in my mouth like buying a horse I would never be bought.  Just get fitted for a teeny tiny bite plate and be done with it.  TRUST ME.
I like flattering pictures of myself online

ON a finer note:  My favorite Maybelline Lip Stain lasted decently through the procedure.  I did before and after pictures!

Reapplied and MAUVELOUS again.
Not Really.

So it hurt.  I was behind from the beginning of my day.  I get home to swoop in, pick up the girls from my Dad and take Portia to preschool and then Libby has her first ever library class right after that.  I arrive home.  Sore, irritable.  And Porta was wearing a  sporty oversized outfit that is fine for lounging around the house, not fine for preschool.  I try to let her dress herself if we aren’t going anywhere special...she does a great job.  BUT.

As I announced we needed to change her outfit, my Dad gently countered with “We did the best with what was in the drawers...”


Apparently somebody didn’t do laundry. At all.

(Does this happen to you guys?  Once in a great while all the laundry is done, folded and put away at the same time. Then you kind of take some time off?)

I pulled something decent out of the Not Really Dirty clothes and took her to school.  
On the way there something happened and I said a bad word.  Portia said,”Mama You shouldn’t say that word!”  I said she was right, asked her to forgive me and then she prayed for me.  She prayed out loud asking God to forgive me and help me do better today! 


First I am so full of joy my daughters have caught the lesson of praying for everything. Second, I am humbled and embarrassed my four year old daughter needed to pray for my foul mouth.  God is awesome.  God is effective.  As I fought back tears of love for the small girl in the backseat, I thanked her.  I told her how my heart was so full of love and joy when she prayed.  She then said,”Mama next time you speak to some ladies you tell em I prayered for you!”  

Yes darling Girl.  I will tell the ladies you ‘prayered for me’.  I will tell them.  Yes.

After Libby’s library deal we went straight over to the children’s store downtown Valparaiso called Piper’s.  I cruised the clearance racks and found two DARLING outfits half price and three times what I normally spend on a target outfit.  I bought them.  After we picked up Portia from school and had lunch, I did all the laundry in the house, folded it at put it away.  I sorted  and labeled the drawers “PLAY” and “NICE” and folded the clothes into easy to grab outfits.  

But now...well, laundry needs to get done again.  

Will you ‘prayer' for me, Ladies? 

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