Pour Me a Martini: Done with Poopy Cloth Diapers

Martinis, here I come!  Almost done with cloth diapers for Libby.  Potty Boot camp is next weekend. You can read the Day One timeline of events and how it went when we did it with Portia. 

Hear me talk about Office Poop vs. Petite Poop on NPR with “The Poop is the Same” by clicking that link.

I continue to be amused by my terrible Baby’s Got Back song parody and so....in case you missed it....

(Feel free to sing along To "Baby's Got Back"...uh...kinda....)

I like big butts and I cannot lie....
you other mothers might deny
say you like tiny diapers 
for your little butt wipers
but I tell you cloths' the best!

there's no chemicals in anywhere
and baby's fanny sticks out to there
when they're waddling
you wanna laugh at them
but you don't want em pulling your hair

I like big butts and I'll tell you why
cloth diapers make other folks cry
they think "No Way!" 
would they handle poop spray
but I'm gonna tell you try today...

You can save the big doll-ars
and  protect our Mother Earth
Your baby's butt is cute in her birthday suit
but nothing compares to skinny little legs
and that great big cloth diaper...



If you need more poop today...here is my poop rant post.  

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