I have just decided to take a soul vacation...a break from email, Facebook and blogging.   

You know how sometimes you just need a big change, a vacation, a refocus?  Well I am so excited and feel so FREE knowing I won’t post for a few weeks and won’t be checking my two email accounts for almost as long.  THRILLING.  

Not quite a tropical vacation, but....for the price, CLOSE!

I will be back in FEBRUARY with all sorts of irreverence and humor....if you need encouragement before then, just call me  and we will do it the old fashioned way!

I’d love to see your comments on topics I could write about for you when I get back. One can only take so much talk about poop and wearing ratty bathrobes in front of the plumber for so long, right?  

Deep breaths, Darlings....and....

R  E  S  T! 
All Photos from our Cabin in Estes Park, Colorado.  I’m pretending I am THERE!

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