Nobody Knows I'm Famous!

Nobody knows I'm famous.*  

That got me thinking, are any of you famous?  
Some of you are authors,mamas, bloggers, aging pop stars (Thanks for reading, Madonna!) 

I was in an Oprah commercial in my professional acting hey day.  Annnnd that was it.  I did some industrial films, a trailer for an independent film, took acting classes and improv at Second City in Chicago. I was an extra on films like The Fugitive, With Honors, Miracle on 34th Street, League of Their Own.  (And there was that time a friend saw me on an MTV special about the making of "With Honors" and I guess you could see me really well, so they wondered about me and this Joe Pesci movie! WHEEEE!)

Wow.  This sounds like the bragging of a stay at home mom wearing a leopard bathrobe with one sleeve dipped in bacon grease, black socks, pink slippers, dirty rumpled hair just crashing over the age of 40!  Yup.  

Shall I go on? 

Yeah?  OK!

Annnd I might have had a few tete a tetes with Oliver Stone and Woody Harrelson...but that is a whole 'nother conversation.  Over martinis. (Like the "Hot and Dirrrty Martini" at Paparazzi here in Valparaiso....WOW. Seriously.  Can you become an alcoholic for one drink you have like once a week?)

Lately my fun has been the NPR radio pieces through WVPE 88.1Fm in Elkhart.  Doing those make me feel like a million bucks.  I heart NPR BIGTIME.  I also had a few years at my wonderful old church Granger Community Church doing dramas with them in front of  five thousand folks every weekend....that was one of my favorite things.  After not acting for a long time, I got to honor God with my gifts and feed my only child lookit me lookit me lookit me at the same time!  

So some people know me.  I might even be small town famous.  In two towns.  YEAH!  But you are famous too.  Some of you are so precious and important to another person that they would rather see you than Brad Pitt/Justin Beiber.   Some of you are so generous with your time and love and friendship I would rather have lunch with you than Oprah.  Some of you are quiet and reserved and you honestly do not think you matter much as long as some kids have lunch made for them and the house doesn't burn down but you are WRONG.  

You matter deeply and your life makes a HUGE impact whether you know it now or not.  You matter to God, you matter to your friends and family and to that one neighbor you sometimes wave at.

Enjoy the follow up to this post "7 Ways to Tell if You are Famous."  Then, can I have your autograph?  I'll pay you!

There is a song, "Nobody Knows I'm Famous" which is my HILARIOUS new theme song by Peter Meyer. He is concert THIS WEEK at Front Porch Music check them out.  We are going on Friday for Libby's birthday, she has listened to his music since birth.  Feel free to join us for a thinker's song set.

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