New Year’s Eve Hoarders Unite: Let’s get it together for the New Year!

New Year’s Eve tonight means tomorrow is New Year’s Day and the beginning of those pesky New Year’s resolutions no one keeps past January 23rd.  Which is most popular I wonder: "Losing Weight" or "Decluttering the House”?  

Hoarder’s TV show would loooooove my cluttered basement.  I put my Beekeeper Dad on their show so I would know. (Deborah & Jim Season 2) Dad agreed to do it and we just expected a week of humiliation with a clean and tidy house in the end.  We got WAY MORE THAN WE EXPECTED.  They were kind, considerate, warm and understanding.  And funny.  I wish they would come back.  I haven’t been there lately but I am pretty sure the living room painting project Dad started last New Year’s is....going to be restarted this New Years.  One year of living room covered in drop cloths?  I love that man!  I just don’t take the girls to visit that man.  How lucky we are he comes to our house every week instead. He is awesome, just not much into housekeeping.

So there.  

I’ll bet the Hoarders show would love YOUR basement too, so do not start assuming there are dead cats or a community of poopy diapers under piles of....what have you in our basement.  Our basement isn’t lurking with ickiness.  It is just boxes of memories and things we are donating and things we used but do not use now.  John and I both had separate lives and separate houses and then a bigger house together than we have now.  We have two little bitties who keep us tired out and organizing an unfinished basement hasn’t been high on our priority list.  

The basement bothers us though.  We know it is there.  So finally I have been working down there this week.  I found amidst my five huge boxes of “Heather- Sentimental” debris a scribbled up sheet of paper with “Questions for the New Year” on it from Revive Our Hearts.  John and I went through them together four or so years ago.  It was fascinating to read back into our married past, into our pre-baby lives.  Portia would be born two months later. Libby another 22 months later.  WHEW.

I’m pleased to say my answer to one of those old questions,“What habit would you most like to establish this year?”  (Exercise more) has been a resolution I  have kept.  Otherwise our answers are the answers of new parents desperate to not screw up the little person God gives them to raise:  Pray more often, raise our baby to love God and People, a healthy child, watch less television...

This year we are having a few friends for a Happy Hour New Year’s Eve.  Everyone has small children so no one stays up late.  Good New Year’s Eve TV doesn’t start until 8pm.  So we are having cocktails and snacks and I have Tsh Oxenrider’s (Simple Mom) “Refection Questions for New Year’s Eve”  cut into slips of paper in a crystal bowl.  I hope the kids get distracted enough to let us adults pull slips and read them and share with each other what 2012 memories we will cherish and what we hope to find in 2013.  Here is the link for those if you like.  I also found a groovy little kid’s Scavenger Hunt from Cozi Calendar & Meal Planning we will do with the toddlers.

But for now I am working in the basement.  Unearthing treasures and donating...the not quite treasures we have grown out of or grown past. We have a little house and I want to get more out of it.  I know being organized and decluttering will help me find more useable space for our getting bigger family members.  And I do not really want to do the Hoarders show again. I think both top resolutions will be on my list this New Years.  Perhaps they will be unnecessary next New Year’s.  Any gambles?

The question I look forward to hearing answers to is “What was the best way you used your time this past year?”  

How will you answer that question today, and then a year from today?

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