Wishing for What I Have?

I blew out five candles yesterday, on my birthday cake.  Because I am five years old.  Or thirty something, who's counting?  (Well maybe Erica is counting, since she wished me a "Happy 41st Birthday!" on Facebook. I'm coming for you, Blondie!)  I am thirty something...like...30+11 this year.  That is still thirty something, right?

So as I blew out those five candles, on a mouthwatering German Chocolate Cake my veryownhusband made me, after eating a fabu comfort food lunch my friend Whitney made me, wearing a new MEOW! birthday outfit you shall hear more about tomorrow, I thought about my wish. 

My almost four year old Portia asked "What is your wish, Mama?"   What was my wish?  I don't want a pony anymore, that standard of little girls' birthday wishes everywhere.  I have an old house I love, a God given hubby I barely deserve and some special new presents like my Fitbit, clothes and indulgent perfume. My kids are mostly enjoyable, cute and funny as a Jim Gaffigan comedy tour.  All the people I love and like are healthy and for the most part enjoying their lives.  Me and God are doing well, I'm in a great bible study and feeling rich in that relationship with Ol Padnah.  I'm making healthier choices and now that my foot is healed no excuses in the fitness department.  My life is GOOD.  Very GOOD.  

I think about people with sorrow, deep wrenching sorrow in their lives.  I cannot imagine the life of someone who's child is seriously ill.  People who struggle to make the bills each month, or cannot make them at all.  Struggles with addiction, marital strife, or health issues.  There are a lot of pains in the world.  Even on a daily basis the little things can wear a person down without even weighing these big things.  I know people with these troubles.  I love people with these troubles.

At this time in my life, at forty thirty something this fine month of November, these are not my troubles.  I have known some of these troubles very intimately at times over my years.  Even earlier this week, I was an ugly mess and unhappy and dissatisfied with whatever small things were going wrong for me.  

But today.  Today all is well.  I sat looking at my candles and thinking of my wish.  In a life full of good and evil, I know all of my days will not be great.  That is OK, without the crummy days I do not appreciate the good ones enough. Well, I never appreciate the good things enough.  

So that was my birthday wish this year.  I wished for more of what I already have, and a deeper appreciation for it.

It can be your birthday today too, what will you wish for?

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