Liportia and Polibby

Before you begin to wonder about my creative baby naming, let me reassure you I did not name my children Liportia and Polibby.  Nope.  But you wouldn't know that if you spent any time at my house.

Yep, my precious daughter Portia is rarely called such.  And that Libby?  I rarely get her name out either.

I know my girls. I am around them EVERY DAY.  One is about three feet tall, thirty pounds, a curly mop of brown hair.  The other is two feet tall, twenty pounds and pretty much bald.  (When we dress her in anything non pink and she looks like a boy, I call her Finn, the boy name I wanted.) So they do not look alike.  Yet I call each by the other's name.  A lot.

Am I just so busy?  Do they both just move so fast?  Is it that 8% of brain capacity we loose while pregnant?  (8% TOTAL, not PER DAY, Hubby John.  NOT per day. UGH)

Is it too much to ask them to wear nametags?  (On top of their heads where I am sure to see them as they blaze by.)

They keep me busy and these days it is hard to write.  I don't even really read email often.  When I get online I pretty much delete the un-urgent and read super urgent emails and skip anything not from  I am behind on things.  Like vacuuming.  Folding little clothes.  Washing diapers.

I miss writing but I know these two little busy girls are my priority and when I leave them to their own devices it gets TRICKY up in here!  Like PK today at my desk on our new cushy office chair.  I was blow drying my hair. She was dribbling honey on my desk papers (for Chicago Toy and Game Fair !). I'll admit I was impressed she got a spoon out to go with the squeeze bottle of Heather Valley Honey I foolishly left on our kitchen counter.  This is typical.  

So I do what I can, what has to happen.  I choose thankfulness and praise and chocolate to guide me through these crazy days.  I ask my girls to bear with me, forgive me, and occasionally leave me alone.  And sometimes I even call them by their proper names.  Whatever the heck they actually are.

I would just love to hear some of your cockamamie names you have called the kids, the pets, or otherwise.  

p.s. Did I mention the singles church retreat I mc'd where I introduced the two male leaders using only one of their last names?  Corey and Mark Waltz!  Yeah, names are tricky for me....YOU?  Tell em all about in the comments!

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