Burt's Bees Intense Hydration BUZZ AGENT Review!

Thursday, October 25th I got my box in the mail about 3:35pm.  I thought there would be one full size product and some samples. Imagine my thrill at THREE full size products (Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream, Burt's Bee's Intense Hyrdation Treatment Mask and Burt's Bee's Intense Hyrdation  Cream Cleanser PLUS a bunch of samples(and coupons!) to share with friends.  

My first thought was to slather on the mask from my cushy spot on the couch.  Smells FABULOUS and I know from my aromatherapy work that Clary Sage (a main ingredient of their Intense Hydration line) is fabulous for skin.  The mask was cool and yummy and my skin tingled slightly.  After I realized my friend Amber was coming over, I slicked it into my skin and waited for compliments!

It felt slightly tacky and reminded me of cold cream in it's wonderfully moisture rich feel.  As the next few days passed and I used both the cleanser and the nighttime moisturizer, I found myself wondering if the make up of the  three items including the mask were close enough to each other that Burt's could market one 'do everything ' version of the Intense Hydration products.  I know the daytime lotion would have need SPF in it, but the rest would be so fabulously simple if only one cold cream-esque product.

No dry skin here, just fabu hair, eh?
I passed the samples and coupons out to friends, my bible study girls and neighbors.  Most folks know and like Burt's Bees but noone had heard of the new Intense Hydration line.  We had a great time talking cosmetics & cleansers and as always I encouraged them to take their current face products and run them through Cosmetic database.com to see if they are bad for your body or not.  Burt's always scores well.  I love that about them.

As the first few weeks wore on I did begin to use my old anti aging stuff interspersed with the Burt's Intense Hydration.  I do not think my skin is dry enough to need THIS MUCH help but as I hit my 40's I sure do need anti aging.  I am going to check out my Burt's Bees anti aging line and see how that works.  I feel really good using their products and avoiding both animal testing and nasty petro chemicals I wouldn't clean my kitchen counters with, let a lone my face.  Burt's Bees offers wonderful everything, and if you have dry flaky skin on your lovely face, be sure to check out this new product line for an affordable, thoughtful solution!

THANKS to Burt's Bees & Bzz Agent for giving me a fun try at a great product!  BUZZZZZZ!

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