Run from Zombies and Raise Toddlers with a Broken Foot (A How To)

Always a good time. 
Being naturally graceful, no one is surprised when I fell down last week.  Again.  I was surprised at the pain and less than delighted to hear my foot was broken.  Crutches for a bit, a bootie for a month.

The urgent care folks were less than helpful when I asked about who would be coming home with me to take care of our two toddlers.  Geez, it is tough to get good customer service around here.  My nurse was a very pretty honest to for reals ballerina, so that was cool.  I had my sense of humor with me at first.  Maybe because my pal Liz had my children.  Does anyone else seem to misplace their humor when the littles are about?

Outside bone below joint...see it?
 The big bummer for me was the Run From The Infected! Zombie 5K I had planned to run.  The next day.  UGH. The funny run that Whitney found to get us off the couch and running to train for it for the past two months.  The training that led me to run a GREAT two miler the day before the break. The kind of run where you don't hate it for the first mile, where running three times a week pays off and you start to feel like a real runner!  Until you break your foot and all bets are off. 

I went to the Zombie Run anyway.  Dad came and we jsut brought all the kiddos he was going to watch.  It was great use of our new Pilot.  I didn't want to miss the fun, the live music, the camaraderie of Whitney and John running from zombies.

Corinna, Libby and Portia with Gimpy Me
For $50 you do this zombie chasing 5K and there is an all day music festival.  Cool right?  You could also buy a beer pass for unlimited beer for $25 but we aren't that serious about our beer so we didn't do that.  It sounded like such a cool event and I didn't want to miss out even if I wasn't running.  It turns out if I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have missed out on much. 

John & Whitney with Zombies...and no crowd.  NICE.
The field was pretty thin, it was cold, and the snack table had....wait for it.....bottled water and a few dozen Walmart trail bars on it.  THAT. WAS. IT.  According to Whitney & John, all the zombies were at the beginning of the run, and they all ran instead of some walking, crawling and running.  It wasn't well organized at all and for the price it just fell apart.  The first band was good but we left partway through their set.  Too cold, no crowd and no food.  For what we paid, even T-shirts were not included!  I have never done a run that cost more than $30, and every run I have done, about ten of them, there was TONS of food, festivities, and you always got a T-shirt.  It was a memory maker, and it was an experience, but I will ACTUALLY run from the infected run next time.  I'd like to look for a more accomplished zombie run nearby next year. 

Whitney was SO DEAD!
So then I am back home, really hurting more from using crutches than my broken foot.  I had precious friends Liz, Carrie, Whitney and my neighbors' daughter Carrie helping me every day.  Seriously, someone came in the morning when it was really rough: My girls smelled blood in the water and acted like coked up circus monkeys since I was fairly immobile. Even my patient and helpful hubs raised his voice daily to corral the madness while I sat on the couch crocheting what will be known as my Broken Foot Sweater.  I couldn't crutch about and carry anything, including a baby up for her nap, so I had someone come to help with lunch and naps. My friend Liz's son Xavier vacummed for me and played with the girls one afternoon. I called my neighbor Carrie and paid her to come every afternoon to get Libby out of her crib and do some dishes or light housework. Whitney took the girls to the park to run off their less than charming "our world is not right here" energy several times.  

Dad and Big Libby...and Big Hat!
I tried to remember it was hard for the little girls too.  Their house was a mess, I was crabby, John was crabby.  They were eating wonderful meals brought by Whitney or  microwavable food we rarely ate before.  They missed seeing me doing whatever it is I do all day everyday.  They knew all these folks coming and going signaled that all might not be well in our castle.  And Mama sure yelled a lot.

Sitting on the couch was nice for one day.  Sitting on the couch for  four days is a pain.  I tried to remember how grateful I was to have only a little injury.  To have generous friends.  Even my friend Amber who JUST HAD TWINS kept checking in and offering to come help (or bring baked goods!).  Lori offered to bring us all to playgroup since driving and crutching with two littles was NOT happening.  We didn't go, it would be too much at the time, but how kind!

Xavier, vacum for hire!
My Dad came on Wednesday and I planned to escape the house to Target.  I knew they had fat lady/broken foot scooters and I was going to be all about that.  I rode one when I was pregnant and on bed rest.  BEST. Thing. Ever.  It was a rough day and I finally hobbled out to the car to go and.......

My car battery was dead.  I'm pretty sure the language I used offended my Lord, and the volume I used probably offended the neighborhood. I think I even called my adored Honda Pilot an "Effing Import!"  Yep.  That bad.  Then once the car was jumped the car alarm went off without any clue in the manual as to why or how to shut it off.  The neighbors probably liked that better than my embarrassingly irate foul language.

Target Scooter Heaven
Eventually I got to Target.  I was very happy even though the scooter truly needs a turbo button.  I mean, I could practically hear the elevator music humming as I meandered through the store.  I bought random things we needed and didn't need.  I headed home for a nap.

Today I have not really used the crutches.  I have put on makeup, styled my hair, etc.  I had Carrie bring Portia form preschool and Amber brought donuts and i made them lunch!  I stood in my kitchen for the first time in almost a week and it was delightful.  Especially when Amber did the dishes for me!  Now it is nap time, and I am resting.  Well in a minute here I will be.

So that is how you do it; with  ALOT of help from your friends.  Ask fearlessly.  Spread out the work, pay someone to do the yucky stuff so you don't feel guilty. I do not know what I would have done without all these wonderful friends helping me out.  Thanks y'all, you helped me rest and heal up fast and I feel very loved and cared for.  THANK YOU!!! Now I figure if I do a little here,  rest a lot there, I might not pick up those crutches again.  But I do need to finish up this sweater.  You know, before I'm all out of helpers or the zombies come.

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