Random Things # 5 "A Few Purple Hatted Friends"

I loved these signs in a garden shop, and this one ...for some reason...resonated for me.  I get a lot more joy out of my life by being WONDERFULLY QUIRKY!  It reminds me of the Old Woman in Purple poem about enjoying your craziness now instead of later.  

We could all do more of that.  

How bout you live out loud in some kind of purple way this week? 

This is my Super Happy Cardigan sweater ($12) I crocheted as a practice for the grey wool one($50) I just finished. (aka my "Broken Foot Sweater")  I am terrible at crocheting so I bought the cheapest, happiest acrylic to make a 'practice' sweater first.  It was AWESOME!  My best friend in the whole world Jenny JOY Galloy Arndt might be wearing it someday soon.  She can pull it off like no one else can.  I still remember eleven years ago when I first began crocheting I made one of my first items for  her.  It was a LOUD rainbow scarf and the joyful colors just scream "YaYa Jenny" to me!

A Happy Birthday YARN BOMB for Awesome Whitney's house.  All the little bombs I'd made in one place to make her smile.  Oh Whitney, you complete (Valpo) Me!  *hugs*

Jean DeWinter NEEDS this candle. She has been my bread girl and taught me the finer points of consuming an entire loaf of french bread anywhere.  (Tip: No knives, just tear it with your hands!) I sent her this picture as I stood in Bath & Body Works store smelling it...TRULY....smells like baked bread.  

Libby brought this doll outfit to me, and when I asked her to bring me the doll it goes to, this is the HUGE babydoll she brought me.

Amber, beautiful Mama of three, including 8 week old TWIN BOYS!  I'm proud of her and mortified at the same time that she gets anything done at all.  Hang in there, Lovely. I bet it will be better in six months, LOL.  PS. I guess Jack really likes UNREAL Candy! 

What is YOUR purple hat for the week?

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