Two Rules for Centerpieces

My simple Fall Decor
I love a well decorated home.  Mine however, is not one of them.  For starters, we just do not spend our money on much, especially amazing decorative things. For finishers...ummm...I really do not know how.  Our 1920's Craftsman home is beautiful with its woodwork, vintage windows, built-ins and hardwood floors.  The wall colors painted two owners ago work wonderfully with our furniture and our tastes: BONUS.  As it is a small house, we do not have a lot of space to add things, yet I long for a more 'finished' feel.  For cheap.  Without looking cheap or fresh out of a boxed set.
Trisha's Table Display
When I was single my style was typical "Wild Woman Eclectic" AKA  Shabby Chic: Anything I loved and could afford plus an old place with hardwood floors.  When I got married and moved into my hubby's nicer newer modern style home with wall to wall stuff didn't look chic, it looked shabby.  So the difficulties began.  

Now we are back to a vintage home and hardwood floors, but we live in an area where lots of folks have moolah.  Big houses, new cars...while we chose to downsize our house to save a bunch each month for our future and avoid credit debt.  My "new" car is eight years old and we JUST bought it a month ago, LOL! But I walk into other people's homes (or the Target decorating aisle!) and I swoon a little.  (And I might bring a REALLY big purse to start swiping borrowing decorative items for a bit.)  Sometimes the homeowners are just as thrifty as I am and collect over time;  sometimes they buy sets of beautiful things all at once.  I envy their taste, their budget, their savvy.  Envy isn't pretty, either.  

My things start looking dull and unworthy.  I hate feeling the desire for unnecessary things in my life creep up with such passion.  I don't get a lot of catalogues because it fuels my wanting.  I don't window shop often because it makes me want to just buy the things we want NOW instead of thinking about how we want to live and what shopping for fun really costs.  It is a struggle for me, one that I am glad to entertain because at least I am more fully engaged in my purchases.

As I sat admiring my simple centerpiece for Halloween, I realized I kind of know what I am doing with decorating, as far as simple, non crafty and cheap centerpieces go.  If your current centerpiece is more likely to be a pile of unread magazines or a kid's toy than something pretty, here are some stylish ways to bring joy to your heart without paying a lot for it.
See how lonely this looks, floating?
Ditto this trio, needs an ANCHOR!

There are two simple rules I discovered when doing a centerpiece.  First, have a single focus point of one item or several items in an odd number (3,5,7).  

Second, have an them on something to root them in the space.  This makes it look more "finished" than just setting something down on a table. (For you fashionistas, this is like your pants, shirt and jacket.  If you want to add "jewelry" or other accessories, you certainly can but I cannot advise you there, Babe!)  These two simple rules can make almost anything work as a centerpiece.  I would LOVE to hear your thougths and see your before & after pictures.

Maybe too busy, but colorful & fun! 
The lantern and placemat were each $2.50 at Target
Not the best anchor, but better.

If you want to add an extra element, knock yourself out, but these two things simplify the whole process and I realize I have been doing this for a while now.  When I want a centerpiece...or to decorate our dining table.  Here are some fun things my friend Trisha did in her house....note how she has the anchor and the focal point too?
Trisha's Pinterest Table Runner as Anchor!

DECORATING WITH SMALL KIDS:  Centerpiece + tablecloth = STUPIDITY  
Have you ever seen the magician pull a table cloth out from underneath a table setting?  If your child is under the age of 46 it is unlikely they will be so slick.  Make your centerpeice child proof and use a placemat or smaller item to root the display.  Remember that anything you find visually interesting, kids will also find visually interesting.  And they often have peanut butter on their fingers, knowhatImean?

A little busier?  Good?
I would love to see your centerpieces, or hear your other easy peasy decorating rules.  Or disasters....I like to hear about the disasters too!

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