Look Better in Photos: No More Double Chin (Before and Afters)

Want to hide your double chin, real or imagined? Just remember:  Camera Up, Chin Down

Lots of folks have body image issues, even women I think are 'prefect' like my gorgees SIL.  I am not delving into all of that.   What this here is all about it to make your pretty face as pretty and fabu as possible even if someone hateful likes to draw double chins into your photos.

There are two rules:  Be BELOW the camera, and Drop your chin forward and DOWN.  AKA "Camera Up, Chin Down"

I learned to be below the camera from my bestie Jenny!  I sure wish I knew where I learned the chin thing, it saves me.  Here are two before and after examples....thanks to my girlfriends Jean and Michelle (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!)  for willingly showing their extra charms.

This is me and my pal Jean.  We are MUCH cuter than this, but we are being photographed by someone seated and are unintentionally showcasing our chinage. (Hey we only had a few blueberry donuts!!!)

Five seconds later, look how darling we are!!!   Background doesn't hurt either, I s'pose.

DO NOT lift your chin up in pictures.  That was bad advice and makes you look silly:

Here is my pretty Sister In Love, who unwittingly channels my fav Julia Roberts.  What the heck is wrong with her neck?  (Oh, that?  That was her attempt to hide "hideworthy neck attributes" she doesn't even have!)

MUCH better.  Chins down and out....feels weird, but looks great, yes?

Anyone have other photo tricks for us Babes to use?

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