Watch Our Listen to Your Mother Show Videos!

Listen to your Mother Show Videos are UP!

You can watch any or all of the Northwest Indiana show I was in HERE.  

Or since you are my pal, maybe you only want to watch mine but you are shortchanging yourself.  Everyone should watch every piece from EVERY show. 

Please stop staring at my double chin.  

Remember my 'How to look great in pictures post"?  My poor chinneck* in this video really bothers me, and you will see it is not because I am self indulgent with the junk food but because the camera is low....unflatteringly low.  Please say something about how darling I am in the credits.  Please!  AND send me moolah for appetite suppressants or Weight Watchers.  UGH.

*Chinneck: Adj. An unfortunate physical manifestation in which one's neck and chin appear to be one physical characteristic.  Often indicative of excess Cheese Pringles consumption or unflattering video or camera angle.

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