Unreal Dejunked Candy Vs. Old Junked Favorites

Libby gets UNREAL
You know that dream many women have of being paid to stay home and just eat chocolate? (What?  Just me?) Well it became my reality this week. Thanks to the Brilliant Babes at Resourceful Mommy Media and the  Unreal Candy company, I got to make some spending money AND sit around with a bunch of friends eating candy!  

The project was to host a party of friends who would sample Unreal Candy and share their thoughts about it.  Pretty fun right? I was very excited to learn about this candy.  I cook most of our food from scratch, always reduce sugar in muffin and cookie recipes, and try to buy organic, healthier junk food when I do buy junk.  But it is expensive.  The Unreal Candy is priced close to regular candy and available at CVS, Walgreens and local grocery stores. Their goal is to make it accessible to normal folks instead of just at health food stores.  The folks at Unreal hope to continue unjunking our other junk food too, isn't that great?  (Hey Unreal Company--my friend Beks wants you to do gummy candy next, ok?) 

I was very stoked to shop at Target  for my party decor and fooferah.  (I even made an Unreal Candy WREATH craft!)  When I got home with my goodies, my sugar fiend self was over the moon at the big box on my front porch. I just knew that box was full of Unreal Unjunked CANDY.

UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups YEAH!

I couldn't / didn't want to / it might be that time of the month/ wait until the party the next day.  Or even until I had eaten lunch.  Chocolate goes with everything, right?  The UNREAL #77 Peanut Butter Cup was my first selection.  OHMYWORD.  Fantastic flavors but alas it's richer taste just doesn't photograph well.  I was in love.

I delivered the Unreal # 8 Chocolate Peanut Caramel Nougat bar to my girlfriend Liz who foolishly offered to take both of my children for a playdate. I knew Snickers was one of her favorites.  So the Unreal candy bar, her verdict?  Tasted more like dark chocolate, which she loves, and when she checked the Weight Watchers points the bar came in at FOUR POINTS.  She thought a Snickers was about five points, but when she looked it up she was stunned and disappointed to see a Snickers Bar is EIGHT WEIGHT WATCHER POINTS.  I think she is ready to DEJUNK!
Liz checking Weight Watchers Points

I started organizing the goody bags and sorting the stash of Unreal Candy when I decided to pour out a sample of the candy covered chocolate(Unreal Candy # 41)and same with peanuts(Unreal Candy #54).  The peanuts didn't look great.  I was kind of sad about that.  It is more the aesthetics of it really, the colors are pretty and translucent, but the assembly line guy must be doing more eating than separating because half the peanut candy pieces were clumped together instead of separate peanut candies.  I had to eat several before deciding they tasted JUST GORGEOUS!!!  YUM.  I love the colors. I especially love that they are NATURAL and do not have a bunch of chemical numbers to tell me what they are.  I know what Tumeric, Beetroot and Purple Cabbage are. Kind of.

So I fed my friend Carrie and hubby John that night too.  I'm not much for waiting.  I had them taste the conventional version and the Unreal versions of all five candies.  Then of course, I took candy to my 5:30AM spin class for six folks at our local YMCA to try out.  Because I am that kind of girl.  Ask me about the time I brought cupcakes to class for another blog post.
Spin Instructor Theresa, with UNREAL Breakfast of Champions
The next day, the day of my actual candy tasting party, I had a great turnout with thirteen more mamas and neighbors. (THANK YOU Roxanne, Beks, Stephanie, Lori, Alisha, Katie, Erica, Lauren, Whitney, Liz, Amber, Steve, Pino and your kiddos.  Thanks for falling on the sword of friendship and eating a lot of candy with me at ten o'clock in the morning!)   
Stephanie, Beks, Whitney, Baby Corinna, Liz, Baby Libby, Little Molly, Lori and Roxanne
Apparently everybody likes candy and everyone appreciates a healthier take on their confections!  So from twenty-one total folks, here are the most noteworthy comments I recorded.
My friend Beks who came for the tasting sent me an email later about the tasting:  
"I thought the UNREAL candy was wonderful!  I didnt feel sick after eating 
a good amount as you could really tell the sugar contents were actually at a normal level and not over the top like regular candy...I loved actually savouring the taste of the real ingredients. The smoothness of the nougat and caramel. Tasting the Peanuts and not just the chocolate!"
Liz, Little Peyton, baby Libby, Amber, Baby Jack and Katie 
UNREAL #77 Peanut Butter Cups
Alisha in deep taste testing conversation
John said it was hard to tell the difference in everything except the Unreal #77 Peanut Butter Cups.  Since Reese's Cups are his favorite, he did prefer those, mostly because of the familiar taste.  Other tasters from the party like Katie preferred the Unreal version as it reminded them of something homemade, with REAL peanut butter.   Steve said the Unreal cups weren't as sweet as the junked version.  Alisha and Roxanne said they were creamier. Roxanne noticed the Unreal cups were not as salty either. YAY!

Campy Whitney with Baby Corinna
UNREAL #5 Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar
The Unreal # 5 Chocolate Carmel Nougat bar tasted just like a Milky Way to Carrie.  One of the little girls, Peyton, LOVED IT.   Other tasters agreed it was a perfect match for the higher sugar junk filled version, but some folks thought it tasted a little fibery...and that is part of what makes it a great snack option....I dare you to find another CANDY BAR with FIVE GRAMS OF FIBER in it!

UNREAL #8 Chocolate Peanut Carmel Bar
Beks and Carrie thought it had less peanuts than the conventional bar, but most thought it was a close match. Alisha, Whitney and I couldn't tell much of a difference.  Liz thought it was more like a dark chocolate, richer and not as sweet.  

UNREAL #41 Candy Coated Chocolates
Amber with Twin Jack, UNREAL Candy FAN
Carrie, Theresa, John, Lora, YMCA Katie, Sharon and I loved the Unreal candy coating colors and didn't notice a taste difference in either set of candy coated options.  Some people thought they had a fruitier taste they didn't care for.  One kid put back the Unreal version.  Most people, myself included, really enjoyed them.  The colors were a huge hit and we all liked the absence of artificial coloring.

UNREAL #54 Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts
Pino, Erica  and Katie both liked that both candy coated chocolate samples had a flavor that was less sugary, less abrasive than their junked up competitors.  Erica liked the Unreal version better, it tasted almost like dark chocolate to her. Carrie said the peanuts tasted like real peanuts, maybe better quality?

Lora, Katie and Sharon at the YMCA Desk

When I left the YMCA the morning before my party, I saw the handsome well dressed young man who had been leaning over the counter inspecting the UNREAL #41 Candy Coated Chocolates I had shared with the front desk team. I struck up a conversation as we walked to our cars:

ME: Hey, What did you think of the candy?
GUY:  I didn't taste it.  
ME:  Why not?  
GUY:  I told them the same thing at the desk: When I have kids I'm gonna tell 'em eat what you want, whatever I have you can have.  I grew up on all the junky stuff and I'm 24 and I turned out just fine!
*brief pause while I considered the folly of youth*
ME:  Oh, you are pretty young still.  I bet when you are actually a parent you won't say that.
GUY: ( As he smiled and slid into his sports car)  You are probably right.  I won't.

I think as we grow older and stop taking our lives, our bodies for granted we make better choices.  I know when I became a parent I began to hide to eat my junk food my choices changed because I am now modeling a way of life for other people.  I want sweetness, I want health, and let's be honest the people WANT CHOCOLATE!!!  Isn't it great this little company in Boston  is recreating a simpler, more wholesome option for our sweet tooth?  We can all Unjunk Halloween (and every other day) with UNREAL Candy!  Junk food unjunked:  now THAT is UNREAL!

Now that you know from UNREAL Candy that  junk food UNJUNKED still tastes awesome and is affordable for everyone, tell your friends....and get more involved HERE.  I would love to hear your thoughts on junk food.

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