Shoes I want but cannot walk in.  They have nothing to do with this post.

I am thinner!  I am thinner!  I broke 180 for the first time in a year!!!  

I am also a reasonably smart woman, and so the classic struggle with eating bad for me food and gaining weight stymies me.  I know what to eat, even what to snack on as a pseudo indulgence, yet....I actively purchase and consume stuff that ain't on that list.

I figure it is like when I quit smoking:  Just keep quitting.  Even if my friends roll their eyes at my newest effort (sugar fasts, Atkins, Appetite suppressants, Shakes, low carb, South Beach, Biggest Loser, Sugar Addiction diet, Made to Crave, Insanity, Weight Watchers, Spark People, Loseit, daily workouts...what next?) I will just keep quitting junky living until it "takes" and I am a healthier THINNER version of myself.

My pal Liz wanted to recommit to Weight Watchers, or WW.  I did that before and liked it, so I thought I would follow along using my LoseIt tracker on my smartphone. She gave me some of her well loved tools and I could translate my daily eating into  points.  Which I might have done once.  We started about a week ago, and she started using Lose It too.  I had bad days, and then a good day, then bad days.  

A few days ago I was recommitting AGAIN to actively eat healthier and work out and was ensconced on the throne reading a devotional.  (Not terribly Godly, but I bet that is where you read 'em, if you read em and have small kiddos like me!)  It was Joyce Meyer "Starting Your Day Right"  and here is what it said "I press on toward the goal to win the prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward." Phillipians 3:14  Like any mediocre Christian, I translated that to encourage my healthier lifestyle. Of course it speaks to a higher calling, but you know where I was sitting and here I am only talking about my posterior circumference.  Isn't it cool God can nudge me thinner?  The next day, same scene, same kind of devotional.  I was motivated.
Marci and Courtney Crozier from Biggest Loser Season 11!!! Marvelous Women!

Now here it is a few days later, I'm down THREE POUNDS breaking an ugly line I have stared down for at least a year now.  And that third pound went away yesterday right before I went to my 5:30am spin class with Liz, Lindsay and Lori(who missed, now is super bummed!)  As a grin from God that morning, in an "attagirl" form and a "Nope, you aren't slacking this morning in class even if you HAVE worked out every day this week!" nudge, Courtney and Marci from Biggest Loser TV Show, Season 11  were right across from me in class!  Talk about motivation!  

Near the end of class I asked Lindsay if she would take my picture with them if they were willing.  She rolled her eyes and said "They've just taken  spin class..." I realized I was being tacky.  So of course I still asked them!  I also said "I'm a smart girl and I know what not to eat, yet I keep shoving crap in my mouth.  How do you stop that?"  Courtney said "You can't have it in the house.  PERIOD. You can eat a whole bag of green beans if you want to , you wouldn't want to, but if that is all you have around if you are actually hungry you will eat it.  You aren't eating because you are hungry.  You cannot have it in your house."  I found her blog you can check it out here.  Then Marci used a term (what was it Marci????) for finding your "Want To" to motivate yourself.  She said at Omni Health Club where she works they have a "Thin & Healthy" program and finding your "Want to"  is what helps you stay motivated.

It was so great to see this mother daughter team in real life.  It was motivating to talk with them and hear what I know to be true:  Being healthier is a CHOICE.  Am I worth it?
All I know is I am not about to get on the scale until next Friday.  We will see....if I am yet thinner again.  How about you?  

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