Random Things, Again! AKA #2

My Husband's professional equivalent of a beer can tower.  He has this in his office and I forget about it but when we visit him it makes me happy.  We are also LaCroix junkies and I am always endlessly needlessly proud to have started his addiction.

This mural hangs in the library at Indiana University Northwest AKA Gary.  I love it as an example of the coolness and smarts to be found at this underrated University.  I wish IUN got more credit for what it is doing in their community simply by educating people.  I have several friends who have attended there, and the girls and I enjoy visiting John there:  Thrill of the Grill ROCKS!

This is some little girl's sticker stuck to my most precious "Betty" porch glider.  I bought her as a rusted white old battleax, dragged her to and from three houses, and thanks to Peaches Bed and Breakfast in Grand Rapids Michigan learned the sandblast & powder coat trick that brought Betty to her current shiny red glory.  I am annoyed there is a sticker on her, but  I cannot seem to bring myself to remove it.  It seems to whisper the many delights of having small babies trampling my former self to beloved bits.

This is the sub mail carrier for our favorite lady, Pat.  As we chatted on the porch and he petted our 92 pound dog 'Steve', this guy showed me his dog warning card.  In case you cannot read it clearly and want to rob a house, it says "VERY FRIENDLY".  On what is supposed to be a dog WARNING card.  Harumph.  

Mushrooms can be inappropriately funny.

Apparently I need to eat my carrots faster.  Or it is an alien pod from whence someone has escaped.

Highly anticipated "The Green Goat" new and used household decor store FINALLY opened here in Valparaiso Indiana.  HINT: Tres Petite Friendly despite the posh appearance! Animal Crackers for the kidlets and things at every price point.  Check em out and tell them the Lunch Lady Sent You!

My husband working my Dad's Heather Valley Honey Booth.  He goes everyday and I don't.  Sure, I have the kids card, but....oh he rescues me again and again as any Prince Charming should.  He loves my Dad and me by hawking honey with nary a complaint.  Thank you, Lord, for this man.  

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