Craftastic: Unreal Candy Party Cardboard Box WREATH

I got this idea from my pal Google who introduced me to this fine duo's blog "Magpie and Cake".  I wanted a fun Fall wreath, so I bought the cheapo grapevine wreath from Target's dollar inflation aisle for $2.50  I was planning to hot glue a row of sticks onto it from which I can stick/hang/HOTGLUE any ol thing that strikes my fancy for the Fall months leading up to Christmas.  

BUT.  I unjunking my candy this Halloween by having this cool candy tasting party for Unreal UNJUNKED candy.  The Unreal logo and packaging colors are so electric....

Check out the stack of candy boxes I got yesterday!

Knowing I wanted to do more with the wreath later, I secured the 'leaves' to a cardboard thingamajigger and then glued that lightly to the wreath. This way I can pull it off when I am ready to move to sticks after the candy party.  I twisted two emptied candy wrappers together for a nice foil bow.  

I made a fun party decoration for free, used the cardboard packaging again instead of just recycling, and now have a memento I can keep forever a week.

THANKS Siobahn and Lindsay!!! And a BIG THANKS to Get Unreal for making better candy for my sugar addiction.  

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