BC Osakas: Chinese Outfit to a Japanese Restaurant?

Sooooo...I am not too sharp on politics.  Or world events. Usually I am ok with this.  Yesterday was my darling Hubs' birthday, so I gussied the girls up in special Chinese outfits from my Uncle Frank and Aunt Ruth.  How cute, right?
 Then That Man came home, looking handsome and not a minute older(actual bday is the 25th!)  and off we went.  Our destination was a mystery to him, but I wanted to try BC Osaka the new Hibachi Grill Buffet place in Merrillville, Indiana.  John thought the girls were darling and said "So we are going to a Chinese restaurant?"  I said "Maaaaayyyyybe..."  And then he said the game changer:  "Well I certainly hope we aren't going to a Japanese place with the girls dressed like this."  


I wasn't 100% the nationality of BC Osakas.    I kind of figure it is all dumbed down cuisine for us 'mericans.  And even though I was kind of aware of the conflicts between Japan and China (thanks Hubby....since we do not have the newspaper, I do not watch TV....wow, would I be so much more ignorant without you.) it never occurred to me that my girlie pies in Chinese outfits could be offensive.  Or get our food spit in.  Or worse?
After a short bout of selfish tantruming from yours truly including "Well THIS ruins my vision of a darling evening!"  We changed the girls into street clothes in the back seat of our car before going into the restaurant.
We had a FANTASTIC meal.  We didn't even realize the $7-$10 three course kids meal was FREE on Mondays...maybe Mon-Wed, I cannot remember.  We sat on the hibachi side, and our food was wonderful and there was plenty of it. It was totally worth the extra charge to get chicken fried rice, fyi.   I have never been to one of these places so it was a great event. Their buffet also looked ah-mazing, huge, and fresh. I looked online beforehand to see about bringing the Littles, found the general consensus was dinner and a show and the chefs generally play to the little kids.  Our 1.5 yo and 3.5 yo girls were very entertained, ate a lot of food (portions were adult like!) and checked out the bathrooms three or four times(yay potty training Libby!)

Then because it was John's birthday they brought out a whole cake!  It had a lotus flowery sparklery musical topper they let us keep. John wouldn't hold it up to his ear like a pretty flower decoration for pictures. I think he might be afraid of it.   It did spark a bit.
So we had a great night, at BC Osakas. I wonder how it might have been different if my hubby hadn't rescued folks from my insensitivity.  What do you guys think?  Have you ever had a big social faux pas?  I would love to hear your stories.

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