You WILL Become Your Parents!

Melody Ross Art
I've written before about loosing and finding and loosing my sparkle.  I'm starting to understand why our parents were so "booooorinnnggg!!!" They were tired.  They had A LOT of responsibilities and when they were not taking care of those they were only hiding from them for a little bit.  We all say we don't want to become our parents, but...ummm...we will.  Not in every way.  Hopefully in some of their better traits.  

I laugh very loud and cook like a banshee like my Mom, but I also eat for pleasurebordeomsadnessanyreason and try to make it a celebration even if it isn't.  I'm creatively verbal like my Dad, eager to try new everythings and am thrilled with the homeless drummer on the corner in the same ways I adore opera.  BUT.  I am also a V.O.A. (go ahead and guess that one down in the comments, I will reveal later!) and shirk my duties at times to avoid the unfun.

So we become our parents.  Not as much as we nightmare but more than we'd like.  I watched a friend get out of her car and she looked soverymuch like her mother I didn't say one word about it.  It's not something we want to hear or admit in any way.  WHY?

We think we are so. much. better. and wiser. than. that.  Or we might been have in our twenties.

Do you see your mom's hands in yours?  Can you catch a moment when you sit or move and you can see a shadow of your parents? Part of who we are comes from our parents whether we like it or not.  They are our past and our DNA.  We will say some of the parenty sounding things they said, we will sound like them, and later when we are tired, we will begin to understand how they might have seemed "BOOORINGG!"

I'm reading a great book I will tell you more about later called "Cheat on Your Husband(with your husband)" by Andrea Syrtash and one of the parts I read yesterday talked about who you were when you were young and single.  What do YOU miss about yourself  and what could you do to bring more of the younger you into NOW?

Artist and Encourager Melody Ross
I read my daily upbeat email from Brave Girls Club.  That is one thing I do.  My friend Lori sent me to this site The Brave Girls Club and I get there "A Little Bird Told Me" affirmations email.  The colorful sparkly language is exactly how used to talk prior to the bliss of marriage and parenthood.  I really want to do their online workshops 'soon'.  I found one of the Brave Girls, Melody Ross' beeyootiful things this week for sale in a lawn and garden gift store.  I was almost in tears I was so tickled.  I picked out a plaque with their signature bird that said "Choose Happiness".  

And that how I remember myself, who I was and who I Am.  I choose happiness and sometimes it is work to remember but God adores me and my life is beautiful and I have great friends and my family and Handsome John and these two precious darling sparkly girlypies who will grow up to be just like me.  Will they want to?  (Probably not, but I'll give them a lot to work with!)  Be who you want to be no matter what your daily life looks like.  Find whatever you like most about yourself and haul it with you wherever you go.  Happiness is a choice.  CHOOSE.  

How about you?  What is one thing you miss from 'you' ten or more years ago?  How would you work to bring some of that into yourself now?

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