Organizational Fashion Fiasco WIWW

 What I Wore Wednesday
AKA "Lucy...You got some s'plainin' to do!"

Picture me in this instead of Portia!

Now picture me wearing this while talking to about ten different folks.  Yeah.  HOT!

I've been working hard to be more organized, but really it seems I am just more tired!  It seems one day I am on top of being "Fun Mom" and experienceing life with my girls but the laundry slides.  The next day my kitchen would make The Fly Lady beam but my kids are in time out for hours and hours and I'd like to have a time out of my own.  With a drink andIdon'tmeanicedtea.  

If I am trying to be organized in my life in order to have less stress and be more fully present, but it is hard.   There are a lot of plates spinning and so many rules to follow.  (Or not!)  

Part of being organized means you are also dressed first thing in the morning.  I usually am.  Although there was that one morning not too long ago when I wasn't.  Bathrobe & a turbie towel means that during breakfast while I am talking to my neighbor Steve through the window about a new dog he was walking, a friend who buys Dad's honey came around the corner of my house with two empty jars.  I  then greeted a daily dog walking neighbor,  Lisa, and our next door neighbor Linda from the other side of our house pops out to join in the frey.  Nice.  

FOUR witnesses to my less than glamourous getup.  And then the landscapers came as I began to write this post, so add SIX more men who witnessed my loveliness.  

And let's be honest, I am not the woman most folks want to see in a bathrobe.  (Sorry, I just like food too much!)

Can I get credit for at least coordinating?

How about you?  What is your worst public display outfit?  Extra Credit for Pictures.

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