Chose to Think "Whatsoever Lovely"

It is hard to be happy. And my life is pretty close to perfect. Since we are affluent enough for me to have the ease to even ask myself what  makes me happy, I already feel embarrassed when I am not.  

The single mama who scurries half asleep from job two to job three, barley kissing her sleeping kids in between...that woman needs more happy.  The guy who supports his family all by himself and is about to loose his job?  The people we never notice because they are so unremarkable but who have so much to offer they themselves do not even realize it?  They need to enjoy more happy.

Me?  I am blessed, hideously blessed by God in every aspect of my life...and yet...

I sulk.  I try to pamper myself with a rare pedicure.  With a new hairbrush.  Kitchen Rugs?

Thanks for listening.  I know I am ridiculous, but hey, this is me.  I'm nothing if not honest.

So I discover (again) today that one thing to bring me joy is to MAKE.

Make moments. 
(Dancing around our living room to The Beastie Boys with my two toddlers.)

Make food.  
(Granola this morning, again with toddlers.  Marginal soup with awesome if  overcooked=overly crispy tomato flatbread tonight.)

Make space.
(For you.  For you to know you are not alone in feeling selfishly unhappy in those small moments. And  that you are OK. )

I read a story recently where a sweet but goofy character would always say "I was just thinking whatsoever lovely and..." it reminded me to think on lovely things.  To think on Philippians 4:8 and focus on whatever gives life, to think about choosing to be happy no matter my circumstances.

I hope you make your own happy.  In doing so, you will help others find theirs too.

Yes, you may have read this post before...but are you LIVING it?

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