FABU Haircut from RJ at Vanis Salon, Valparaiso

A woman of a certain age, body shape or overweightedness cannot do much to make an immediate difference.  And sometimes, she just needs a CHANGE.  

So the hair.  

The hair can change right. now.

I got a haircut last week by my wonderful RJ who works at Vanis Salon in Valparaiso.  She is the only one other than my long time friend and stylist Kelli Wise (now Haines CONGRATS!) who "gets me".

RJ has been cutting my hair for about a year, and she is great.  Not only is she darling to look at but she really knows what she is talking about, or makes you feel like she does!  She understood what I wanted, what I didn't want, and worked with me to grow out the worst haircut ever (thanks beauty school in Valpo I won't mention)to grow my hair longer than it has ever been.  She encouraged me to indulge in Aveda products once again, which REALLY have helped the texture and happiness of my locks.  She wouldn't cut my hair off unless I had a picture and was very certain I wanted to go shorter.  All this is no small task. Two of my girlfriends have gone to her now and both of them are happy with RJ's work.

I am the client who goes in every time for YEARS and says:

"I need a change! Can you cut it shorter, but keep it long?  I want it really piecey and choppy and messy, but not  like a mullet or too crazy.  I need a really big change but not too different."

Both of these women 'get me'.  Lucky me, poor them!  
So I needed a change, and three inches later, VOILA!

I asked my hubs if he wanted me to get a sitter after my haircut so he could take my new hair out for a drink....

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