Cottage Bliss Angels Made Me Buy It!

"But Honey!  Cottage Bliss angels made me buy it!"  The small black sign I gave John for our July 4th sixyearsofdating anniversary was awesome.  I seriously couldn't have created a better one.  It said:  "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BACON" in huge white block letters.  

Oh Yes.  I have written of my love for bacon here and here.  And how it sometimes trumps my love for my husband or even God here

This the much anticipated story of all the stuff I bought at a little store called "Cottage Bliss" in Estes Park, Colorado.

I don't know what you believe.  All of you are welcome here.  One of the quirks in my Christian faith is I am not too worried about your soul if you do not believe what I believe.  I was raised Unitarian and didn't think much about God until my thirties.  I respect other religious beliefs and have no ulterior motives towards yours. You won't have to worry about me turning to you some day, putting my hand on your arm and asking, "If you died today, do you know where you are going?" or "Do you have a personal relationship with my Jesus?" Not going to happen, so breathe easy.

What I will do at some point if we spend any time together is share things God does in my life.  I went kicking and screaming into my faith so I feel my relationship with God, or "Ol Padnah" is pretty animated and He uses lots of humor to get through to me.  Ask me about the "Well, kill your own spiders!" story. Or the one where he talked to me about not having hot sex anymore.  Or how he wakes me up at ungodly hours (I only just got that humor!) to write.  This story is like that.  

I am sometimes an awful mother. I adore my kids but I am still forty years old and selfish and bossy.  The demands of fighting against myself in order to be the creative, loving, fun mom I truly want to be is tough.  Who wants to put down her novel and the chocolate covered bacon bar to play "Toy Story 3" or "Yogi Bear" with a two year old?  Who wants to take three times longer to bake bread because of two 'helpers' who eat flour, raw dough, pick their nose and then touch everything on the counter?  UGH.

During our Colorado vacation I was not relaxing and enjoying myself.  My husband and I were both with the kids all the time so neither of us was refreshed.  I was so irritated stressed and frazzled I could barely pray.  I like author Anne Lamott's prayer and used it a lot that day,"Help me, help me, help me!"  Managing small children on vacation was proving really challenging for me this particular week. I asked for the afternoon off and when John agreed I hopped into the car and headed away from our precious Rocky Mountain cabin retreat in search of real relaxation: retail therapy.

The shop caught my eye earlier that week,  Anything cottagey is great and they had pink pastel chairs out front.  I stepped into the door and almost cried.  You know the marvelous girly stores with a jajillion things to look at and aisles to wander through?  Retail Therapy Heaven.  I sighed and felt tears prick my eyes. I said, "Ohhhh.....I needed this store!" The cashier laughed and said they loved to hear that.  She offered me some blueberry iced tea and I started to cry.  The two women working there, the owners, came around to me in an instant.  I was so embarrassed to be crying in public.  I have a wonderful life, my husband and girls are really wonderful, but I felt so wrung out and miserable.  The women,  Sherie and Bonnie offered to pray with me.  I wept more and agreed.  They prayed for my parenting, my heart, my peace and patience.  I was so humbled by their gift and so refreshed.   
At last my tears were dried and with iced tea in hand I wandered the store.  
Everything was marvelous.  I selected gifts for John, friends and of course, poor ol me!  I noticed they had several displays with sassy pink"Cottage Bliss"  bibles with a "Free, take one!" sign. I already have three bibles of my own so I didn't take one  (But I wanted one!)  
I took some pictures and bought wonderful things and left with a light heart.  It was Bliss!
I knew God was loving me through these two ladies and they were angels to me. I am not too into angels as knicknacks or otherwise, but that is what these two women were.  I find God will often meet me where I am to smack me into reality or soothe my hurting days.  I am so grateful for the ways I can see God, and especially when He goes shopping with me. 

(Hey God, do you have a credit line at Target?) 

Have any of you gone shopping with my Friend?

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