Chocolate Caramel Cracker Bars in a Tiny Red Kitchen

I've got Firefighters to bribe. We have our annual block party which is more like a 'thirty block' block party and we love to have the firefighters bring their truck, whoop the siren and spray the kids with the hose.  (NOTE:  they spray it up in the air, not directly at the kids...but some days....*bad mama giggle*)  I found bake sale cookies in my Taste of Home magazine that of course I cannot locate right now to cite properly. *bad blogger giggle*  I wanted to make them and eat every single one, but I am trying to be healthier....and thus needed a worthy excuse to make them, eat them, and get the rest of them out of the house.  Fireman bribery seemed and excellent cause.

Chocolate Covered Caramel Cracker Bars from Taste of Home

You can find the recipe and ingredient list here!

A standard caramel/toffee poured over whatever crackers you have and do not usually eat (saltines, club, graham) covered in chocolate.  The last time I made something like this for Christmas gifts I unfortunately ate an entire batch.  I have sugar addiction issues.  Well.
SO here is the caramel in process.  The recipe said it would take seven minutes.  Since I added an unneeded extra stick of butter, math never my strong suite, I of course had to add another cup of brown sugar, so we will say it took longer because of me.  I wanted it to be soft ball stage even thought the directions didn't really cover that.  
They used Club crackers, which we do not buy so I used up some whole wheat saltines we buy but don't eat (dontcha love eating healthy?) and the rest is pretty simple, and after time in the fridge...two hours or longer (it really did need that much time because believe me, I tried to rush it!) VOILA! 
I gave some excess to my neighbors, they said the firefighters would definilty come!  I delivered them to the Administrative Goddess Debbie/Rosie("I never remember which name I give people!" she chuckled) with another package for the Fire Chief and the fire station where their offices are located.  Then I dropped another package at my downtown fire station where the men who would actually visit our block party would come from.

As long as no one's cat gets up a tree, Timmy isn't in the well, and no one plays with matches....I hope to see them there.  Think they will come?

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