Bodacious Blog of the Week: Huffington Post

I'm not particularly clever.  I'm smart, but no Mensa candidate.  I've never been super deep or all that well rounded and I am OK with that.  I am an encourager. I live well.  I love loud and I have few regrets.   But...

I feel smarter when I listen to National Public Radio (NPR).  I'm so humbled and proud to be able to write personal commentaries for my local is still something I do that keeps my brain on while I stay home to parent little crumb-snatchers.  

I also feel smarter when I read The Huffington Post.  I'm not too political, I don't care about movie stars.  That Much.  Unless they are thinner, or have great life change stories like this.  Change fascinates me and about one billion other fine folks.  I learn about customer service revenge, and personal stories about curbing spending or anything else I am interested in.

But The Huffington Post keeps me abreast of whatever is going on in short snippets I can absorb between butt wiping, vacuuming and laundry laundry laundry.  

Do you read it?  Do you love it or hate it?  I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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