Stalk Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Neighbor

I have no better words than anyone else processing the evil in this world through typed letters.  I read all the headlines, not just Colorado, but every killing, robbery, shooting, suicide.  It is all so very ugly.  Mark Beeson has said any number of times, Mark Waltz has said any number of times, "Hurt People, hurt people."  What can a  tiredbusyselfish mother like me do to change this ugliness in the world?

Not Much.

I know it takes a certain kind of absolutely out of your mind (insert expletive here) sin to kill other people.  Desperation.  Imbalance.  Anger at a raw deal you may have lived through but not grown through.  I know some things have no grounds in reality or reason.  I know that people's angry sin and ugliness will exist no matter what.  Mine does too.  I have it.  You can see it when I am on Facebook instead of playing with my kids.  When I yell at them not because they are really doing anything, but because in that moment what they are doing interferes with what I want to be doing.  Maybe they were dawdling as we try to leave the house, spilling as I am trying to eat my meal. I can see ugly in myself so easily.

I can pray, and I do.  For the hurt people doing hurting, they need it too.  For their victims.  For the families. For the neighbors.  Their neighbors.  NEIGHBORS?  What if we decided to know our neighbors again?  What if YOU baked cookies  or carried in groceries, even if they wave you off?  What if we chose to engage with the people around us?  Could it make a difference?

Would you notice ten small packages a day arriving at your neighbor's house?  Could you be building a relationship that would save?  Would your "Hello's!" and "Let me help you with that!" make you look Truman Show nutty, or would you begin building into another person's life that maybe, just maybe they would reach out to you when they needed to be heard?

CHALLENGE:  Contact a neighbor and let us know how it went!  I know most of my neighbors, so maybe I'll bake some cookies.  Oh, I did invite a walker up on the porch for coffee today.  Mr. Jim has an ongoing relationship with our dog Steve across the fence. We have slowly been getting to know him, it is good.

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