Mountains, Angels & Crying Babies, OH MY!

I am BAAAACK!  What a wonderfully long trip to the mountains.  We were gone TWELVE DAYS, four of them were driving days so do not be too jealous.  Driving with two little girls under three.  Traveling overnight while the kidlets slept Did. Not. Work.  So we spent a chunk of dough on TWO hotel stays.  Oh Well. Thank God we have the resources, right?

Dreamland Cabin= HEAVEN

We started out at our Estes Park cabin, "Dreamland" which holds so many memories for me.  I miss my Grandpa and Grandma Lutes so very much.  I can remember them so clearly there.  Dreamland was Grandpa's favorite place in the whole world.  I think it might be mine too.  It is hidden in the Big Thompson canyon and so close to the river even a girl can throw a rock from the deck into the river....marvelous. The piney mountain smell of freshness fills my soul there.

We got to spend time with my mom's brothers, Uncle Ben, Uncle Frank and Aunt Ruth.  There was a big ol lunch on the 4th of July with extended family and Dad and Kim too.  They were headed to the Curlee Reunion also of course.
Bear Lake, RMNP.  Merry Christmas!

We hiked Bear Lake with the littles, thanks to the marvelous Katie Seibel for KINDLY LENDING US Ergo and Oh Snap PACKS!  Or I might have the names wrong.  They were used much.
I might need another pair of eyewear here.

And motherhood on vacation can be hard.  I wasn't my best self.  I needed a vacation from my vacation so John let me run away for an afternoon.  

I cried in a gift shop.  
Cottage Bliss Angels

I met angels in said gift shop.  God reassured me that he loved and adored me.  He also told me to buy a bunch of darling stuff.  (Hi JOHN!  See, it was GOD!!!) I want to share that story more indepth later.

Then we joined up with the Curlee Clan for a y'all come at MacGregor Lodge in Estes Park.  There was singing.  Drinking (YAY BEER!) 
My Preshups Cousins Josh and Ericka

Inappropriate cousin greetings by moi: "Cousin Portia, what is the vodka situation?"  (Hey, it had been a rough few days up to that point...this mama needed to unwind!)  Curlee Cousin Kereoke adventures at Lonnegins in which a certain cousin didn't actually know the words to the song she picked out. The DJ thought maybe he should put on the right song, when I assured him that nope...that was the right song, I just didn't really know the words.  AT ALL.  NICE. And in which another cousin of obvious Elvis and Napoleon Dynamite breeding rocked his patootie off.  And made us laugh ours off.  

We had a tie dye adventure.  A fishing adventure.  MANY eating adventures.
Road Tripping?

There may have been yarn bombing.

MacGregor Lodge, Estes Park CO

And an irreverent visit to my mom's grave. 

Sterling Colorado Cemetery, Curlee headstones in background

With more yarn bombing.

A long drive with impatient little ones,  safe travel amidst mountains, rainstorms, other people's car accidents and tired folks....and we are once again on Elmhurst.

I am so glad to be home.

One of many pit stops.

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