Voting with Our Forks: Costco House Blend Coffee

I always struggle with how rich we are.  

If you have been to my home or heard me speak of our budget and Pear Budget,  you might be puzzled.  

Although at 1,400sf it is smaller compared to most family of four houses these days, there is shining woodwork(where it isn't dusty....) and a wonderfully appointed (if just a smidge bigger than my backside) kitchen.  We have older furniture, some of it slipcovered, lots of it deftly discovered by yours truly second hand.  My car is wheezing and 12 years old....over 200,000 miles on Carl and he is still ticking nicely.  We spend a lot of money on quality organic and farmer's market and whole food.  We spend too much money on food.  I can see that in our waistlines and in our pear budget account.

We choose to live simply in order to save for the future.  In order to not carry credit card or car debt.  Although my husband has a generous income, choosing not to use credit and pay cash means we make lots of choices about what really matters.

And so I struggle with how rich we are.

As Americans the poorest among us are still the richest 1% in the entire world.  We support a young girl in Swaziland through World Vision, but should be doing more.  And we don't.

This morning as I ground coffee beans in my sleep and put the kettle on for the french coffee press, I thought.  Tricky to do when sleeping.  I thought about how good this Costco coffee actually was even thought Starbuck is my favorite.  

I thought about how it wasn't Fair Trade, and that was disappointing.   I like to vote with my fork, with my wallet by buying good food.  I like that Fair Trade ensures a 'good' wage for the farmers, the workers.  

Then I woke up, I saw the label!  "FAIR TRADE" it said.  "Roasted by Starbucks Coffee Company" it said!  I think I have found our coffee, Family. Read about their siren here.

The three year old will be so pleased.  

She doesn't drink coffee folks, that is a joke.

So even as I struggle that we are so rich we could feed two families,  I can cut some corners.  I can cut some corners and still vote with my fork.  Or in this case, my coffee cup.  

What do you think?  What do you do, with your fork?  Am I ridiculous?

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