TRK: How to Cook Weird CSA Vegetables Like Kohlrabi

Yeah kohlrabi, that is right, I called you WEIRD.  You look like an alien vegetable and I have never bought you from the grocery store because I was worried you would take me to a spaceship.  Or more truthfully, that you would rot in my fridge  "crisper"(should be called a "rotter") before I could figure out what to do with you.  Thanks to the Interweb, when you arrived smuggled in my CSA bag (THANKS L.E. Farms!)  I found lots of options on preparing you.

After getting tired of looking at ways to prepare kohlrabi I did what any waist and waste conscious woman would do: Chucked you into our compost bin.

Of course I didn't do that.  I did what any red blooded 'merican with thirty excess pounds on my posterior would do: fried ya up!

Yup.  I made potato latkes without potatoes.  I used shredded kohlrabi instead!

Turned out down right tasty. Even the kidlets chowed down.

I shredded one good size kohlrabi in food processor shredder.  I cut the leaves/stems/antennae off first but didnt' peel it  My weird well trained foodie kiddos ate some strips raw.  (I didn't let them see me spitting my raw bite out.  ACK.)

I made breadcrumbs...maybe 1.5 cups and stirred that into the shredded alien with three eggs, half cup each parmesan and mozzarella, garlic powder, nutmeg lemon pepper and salt.  NOTE:  I should have squeezed the water out of the shredded kohlrabi BEFORE mixing everything that please.)  Then I shaped small patties and pan fried it in a well oiled frying pan about three minutes per side. Maybe it was just  have to wait till it dries out on tip a bit and holds together to flip with a spatula.  (Sorry, not a cooking show!  Just a hungry girl here desperate to be a good steward of my hijacked CSA bounty!)

I mixed dried dill into plain fat free yogurt as a 'dippit!' topping.  Fabulous.  And I do not think I was brain washed with any alien rays either.....success.  EAT UP!

P.S. Speaking of weird CSA vegetables:   I think we are looking at green onions, garlic greens, what the heck are the loopdeeloop dealies?  And what do I do with them???

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