Tiny Red Kitchen: We Fired the Pizza Guy

It is the end of a mediocre four day weekend with my husband and little girls.  We had some fun, we had some stress, we had a few days of normal life strung together. I escaped all by myself one day, thanks to my husband.  But still.

I always have such high expectations for time.  I want to live the movie life where most moments are precious and there are no poopy diapers.   I crave experiences and I want everyone involved to passionately enjoy all of them like I do.

Sometimes this just isn't reality.

We had some fun, we had some stress.  In general we have a very blessed and fortunate life, so who am I to grumble about a lack of fireworks?  Especially when there is an absence of ambulance lights.  Or sick kids, really sick kids.  Everyone who is precious to us is OK, and that in and of itself is fireworks worthy.

So anyway. I wanted to order some pizza.  It is Sunday night and I wanted to feast a little.  As if Joe's Crab Shack Friday wasn't feasting?  Oh but that was days ago.  What about this moment?

THIS MOMENT wants cheesy fireworks.  Even though we are invested in a Biggest Loser-esque weightloss contest with seven of our friends.  Surely a little pizza wouldn't hurt?  We debate.  We were 'not eating out this month' unless it was an "emergency."  Are Sunday blahs an emergency?  We agreed to order in some comfort food.


I can make pizza.  I make good pizza.  Healthier and cheaper than delivery.  And I can pronounce all of the ingredients.  I make it a lot, so ordering in sounded.....




more fun 
(because y'all know funner is NOT a word)

I choose what my family eats.  I am responsible for most of their well being when it comes to food.  In an unusually restrained moment I decided we would not order pizza.  I could make it.  We had so many interesting toppings: garlic mushrooms, roasted asparagus, heart of palm, kalamata olives.  I took basil leaves from my loved herb garden and chiffonaded 'em.  Five points if you know what that is....I have just learned!

It was wonderful.  Fire the pizza guy and make your own.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust 
(in about 5 minutes)

Mix one packet or one tablespoon yeast with one cup lukewarm water.  Add one tablespoon honey  and two tablespoons oil (I use olive oil).  Slowly add in two and one half cups whole wheat flour. Stir until it comes together and let rest 10-15 minutes.  Or not at all.

I tried rolling it out to get it thinner, but you can just patiently finger press it out to the edges of a pan/ cookie sheet.  I got almost two pizzas out of it by rolling so the crust will be thin vs. heartier curst and one cookie sheet pizza usually from the same recipe.  

We prebake just the crust for about 8 minutes at 450 degrees, then add toppings and cook another 8 minutes or so till it looks like we like it.  Any toppings.  Any at all.  Any cheese. (less is healthier!)

It was AWESOME.  And we ate a fair amount of it.  Wanted more, but we are in it to win it.  Kind of.  Maybe we should have a pizza delivered to our Biggest Loser competition, yeah?

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