Things I should have blogged about: 50 Shades of Grey, Ethiopian Food, Bathing Suit Shopping

Once you get into blogging, everything is a potential post.  We are all so similar and one event can resonate in many ways with others.  It can get gross though, and the temptation can be to live your blog instead of living your life and maybe sharing special things that can encourage other folks.  At times I just put the camera phone down and live my life, but here are things I should have blogged:

Maybe it looks like baby food, but BABY!  What food!

Ethiopian Food. 

I love the stuff and my hubs has a Frugal Gourmet Immigrant Ancestors cookbook that has recipes for the basics including injera bread!  I've made a meal three or four times now from it, always delighted.  Last week my favorite woman in all the world, my bestie since high school Jenny Joy Galloy Arndt came to spend the night with me while my husband was away at a conference in New Orleans (grrr, jealous of the food porn he enjoyed, even while 'dieting').  She came without any of her three children!  I got her all to myself.  Well, with my two girls too, but it was great.  We went to the beach, we drank mojitos on my precious porch and giggled like when we were young and I was single and careless. (The kids were napping, lest you find my parenting irresponsible.) And we made Ethiopian food.  I think it took about three hours. You have to make the bere bere sauce and spiced butter condiments required to make the meal first.  We made Doro Wat and spiced cheese and greens and injera bread.  HEAVENLY.

Bathing Suit Shopping.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if I had photographed my bathing suit shopping ala my skinny jeans fat fanny? post?  Honest views of a plumper posterior in suits?  HMMM.  Maybe not?

Fifty Shades of Grey.

I am not reading this fast.  There isn't much point in that.  I mean, one doesn't read it to read the story, do they?  I am titillated and embarrassed and thrilled to read such a dirty book.  I'm pretty sure Jesus isn't happy about it.  Maybe he can help me have energy for the real thing by helping my sweet girls be sweeter? And sleep more.   And clean up the house for me?

I love all the chatter about Fifty Shades of Grey and am very surprised this kind of book is mainstream.  Usually you buy it from a seedy joint and they put it in a brown paper wrapper....wonder how it got so popular?  Even my conservative friends are talking about it.  Not all of them disparagingly.  It is funny along the lines of the pastor at our new church met me and expressed interest in reading my blog theverysameday I posted about porn.  

He said, "I'd like to read your blog."

I said, "Oh you might not enjoy reading it.  I just wrote about porn."

He laughed and said, "Well, it depends on whether you said it was good or bad."

I said, "Well....uh it was neither?"  

WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID:  "It is a post about how once you are married with kids you have little interest in sex when there is sleep to be had, even if you used to be a bombshell.  And how any shred of sexuality you do have is threatened by every magazine, in particular Maxim Magazine, and yet the same thing that threatens you also reminds you of your sexuality and therefore....isn't so bad?"

But I felt safer just talking about porn?


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