Sometimes I Won't Write

My personal writer's block!

Sometimes I won't write.  

While blogging gives me intellectual fun and I'm grateful beyond measure to hear people say "I read your blog and love it!" or leave comments about something on a doesn't really matter.  

When I feel the need to say something other than "I'm a stay at home mama." and saying "I do NPR personal commentaries and have a blog!" makes me feel more isn't my first priority right now.  

Finally kayaking with PK!

Plus, the truth is  I am not more interesting, I just FEEL like I am more interesting.  Since this is my blog it is ALL ABOUT ME, right?  

Or is it?  

I blog because I want to encourage other people.  I do this by sharing interesting things, food, blogs, events.  I share my customer service and product reviews.  I share my personal mishaps in order to offer space for others to admit their shortcomings freely.  I do not want to blog to hear myself prattle, I want to help, encourage and entertain YOU.  

On the weeks when I post a lot, I look at my stats and get oh so excited to see hundreds of people reading my posts.  HUNDREDS!!!!  THANK YOU all so very much for validating my words online.

When I only post here and there, maybe 40 folks read.  AND THAT IS SO AWESOME.  SO AWESOME!  Thank you, dedicated subscribers and sweet friends.  

Crepe breakfast on our teeny porch
If I can encourage anyone, I think this blog is worthwhile.    

But sometimes I won't write.

Sometimes I am yelling at my tiny children to go play and let "Mama work". 

(Facebook, email, blogging maybe, Pinterest....uhhhh work?  really?)  

When I find myself annoyed thoroughly by them I know I need to stop writing RIGHT THEN and play instead.  

And it is summer!!!!  SUMMER folks!  A beach is 20 minutes away. 

Water Girls!

I have a tiny and darling backyard and herb gardens and wildflowers and patio and HAMMOCK to enjoy.  

I have two tiny cupcake girls who will only be thisinterestedinme and want to be thisclosetomeallday for a short time.  

So I say:  Sometimes I won't write.  

I will be living my love out loud instead.

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