The Earliest Part of the Morning is...JUST WRITE!

I sunk into bed last night after Libby's barfing olympics--and I do not mean she was pretending to be a dog--I was so pleased I could 'sleep in' today.  No  5:15AM spin class.  

Only running at 8am with Whitney.  And by 'running' I mean me whining after about half a mile, wondering why I think I want to run when I so clearly do not.
And of course my alarm goes off, at 4:30AM.  And like a (reasonably) good girl I do not turn it off but instead hit snooze.  And by good girl I do not mean knees together but rather being wise and respecting yourself.  I am so  looking forward to having that conversation with my girls. 

So I am up and awake as birds chitter and peep.  The kitchen is a wasteland of lazy people's dirty dishes. And by lazy people I mean folks tired in their bones from a normal day at work...awake enough for TV but not awake enough to wash dishes.  At all.  All day? 

I put things we do not normally put into the dishwasher into it.  Hiding them, or hopeful they will come clean?  Who cares when my coffee is ready!

Then I light a candle, gather my laptop and sit. On the couch instead of the desk. Novelty.

The coffee hot and dark and so strong I can chew bits of the ground beans when I sip it.

And I simply tell you about life.  And when I say life I mean my life, and I hope that is OK.

This post is part of the Extraordinary Ordinary's JUST WRITE series.  I just read todays' post and there is a precious lesson there.  LIKE THIS:  "Sometimes you have to surprise people right out of themselves." AWESOME. If you want to link up come over here!

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