Buff Hiking: Enjoying Summer Vacation THIS WAY in Estes Park Colorado

I won't be blogging for a few weeks, I will be enjoying a summer vacation*.

We are traveling to Estes Park, Colorado.  

By Car.

With two leetles under three years old.

Gee, we should have brought our 86 pound dog too, why did we leave Steve behind?

Did I mention it is a SEDAN?

I will be so glad to arrive at our precious Dreamland cabin and then later in the week to PARTY WITH THE CURLEES for a reunion. 

Every group event with my Dad's three brothers en familie (approx 27 with cousin's mates and now kids too) requires excellent beer (or Coors) lots of music and singing and often mooning. Which the brothers strongly denounce and passionatly claim never happens. 

And once a nude hiker (Uncle Paul, you are soooo...UH...wrong?  Free? Well thanks for carrying a modesty guitar at least.  SHEESH.)   But we children have photos and the scarred memories of plenty of such rabble rousing.  Whatever will be this year?

*Definition of summer vacation with two little kids is spending money to sit in the car for thirty+ hours, spending lots of money on daily life and still doing most of the work I do all week but in a different location and without all our normal stuff.  YAY ADVENTURE! 

Hope you are all well and would LOVE to see your wild adventures recounted in the comments below upon my return.  MWAH!

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