Whoops! (EXCUSE ME...) I Yarn Bombed

So I heard about this thing: Yarn Bombing?  I don't remember when, within the past year I guess.

Then an anonymous friend mentioned it again a few months ago as in "I want to yarn bomb the Target red balls..." and I said "YES!"  We didn't.

Then Nothing.

Yesterday I found a Yarn Bombing book in the library and because of these two littles in my house I couldn't read more than one or two pages but I GOT IT.  Oh guys I got the fever for the flavor of a YARN BOMBING.   I had this scrap wrap/scarf thing I had been adding purple leftovers to: 

And Monday night was knitting night at Blackbird Cafe.

And I went.  And I bombed.  

It might be illegal?  OR maybe noone cares.  I truly hope my little whimsy is still there and that others add to it.   

I will strike again.  Wanna come along?

I mean, a girl can only crochet so many ugly hats, floppy bags and granny blankets, right?  

Yarn Bombing.  This might be my new geocaching.


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