What I Wore Wednesday: Accessories! Before and After Pics

Kathy Friend, my personal fashion guru once rescued me from myself with a measuring tape.

Oh Yeah.  She measured me.  Sounds scary huh?

My question was how to spruce up my momiform of T-shirt, cardigan and jeans....other than scarves which I already used and jewelry which at the time I did not use.  Now that my neck has started to get *AHEM* "character"... 

NOTE:  If I didn't love Jesus so much there would be a string of profanity here, fyi. 

... I use LOTS of jewlery and sometimes a whirligig hat just to distract from it's  joke telling. "Hey!  did you hear the one about the lady with the young smooth neck skin?  Bwahahaha! That is HISTORY.  Try a turtleneck!"

Kathy measured me and said I was an hourglass.  I think I went on and on about that here.  It has changed how I shop and what I try on for the better.  As far as that goes....I mean, I am still no fashionista!  She has a great article today on freshening up your mom look.  Just in time for Mother's Day, thanks Kathy!

The article inspired me to FINALLY post this little ditty on accessories, which I used to frown upon.  Forgive the turtleneck, I did this last season...obviously.  It still tells a tale, so read on. 

The story is a dirty hair day and an easy yet unflattering updo.

Usually I would stop here.  Now that I am older and using whatever I've got to look better, I added another layer of sweater jacket, earrings and then.....

 I also added a scarf.  OOH!  And a sparkly pin!  I learned that scarf tying configuration from my awesome SIL Michelle.  (HI Michelle!)  The pin was all me.  

 Even with the poor picture quality I think it is OBVIOUS how much depth and style a few things can offer even the good ol stay at home mama.  I even look happier, right?

I have started wearing some nicer things on normal days like today...a ruffled blouse and linen jacket...why?  Because I feel special dressing up a little more even if I am not going anywhere.  And because I haven't really done laundry this week. Truth.

I would love to see your fashion before and afters.  Aren't pictures GREAT?  

(Even bad pictures?)

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