Valparaiso Landscaping? Choose Horses!

Not every landscaping company would rake the whirly birds out of your garden bed before throwing mulch down.  I wouldn't even do it myself....then again we have already established me to be a bit lazy leisurely with my life outlook.

When we moved to Valparaiso and had a HUGE water pipe in the front yard replaced our front yard was shredded.  I actually cried it was so ugly.  And soooo in our front yard.  FRONT. YARD.  I was prego and had a little person already so I sure as heck wouldn't be up to the task, what with my leisurely life outlook and all. So we needed a landscaper.  A cheap one.  

We didn't find the cheap one.  We found THE BEST LANDSCAPER IN NW INDIANA.  Horses.  Funny name, awesome options. I mentioned them in my list for reasons I love Valparaiso post!  My Realtor,  Mitch Harris suggested them.  He said they were "kind of expensive" but very good.  He was so right.  Except they aren't all that expensive.  Lets face it, being lazy is going to cost you.  If you, like me do not want to dig up rooted grass, shovel dirt go buy mulch and topsoil and pour sweat for days on end while trying not to go into labor or have the toddler run into the want to pay for the work to be done.

I called Horses Landscaping and for $55 (flat fee or as a partial deposit for the work based on property size) they come out, survey the yard, draw up a plan(sample in color below) including plantings, decorations whatever you talk about. 

Erica is the mastermind there.  She gave me all the information on what kind of plantings should go in the low shady areas etc.  On a gorgeous map.  She taught me not to line both sides of my walk with the same thing because it is change things from side to side so the eye moves over the space and gets....I don't know, more entertainment?  I have totally followed that rule.  She was so gracious with our budget and even shared with me where to buy good plants for less money. Even though she sells them too.  And makes her livelihood from doing the installation. I wish I could have had her sell me all the things she suggested and plant them too just so I could spend more time with her.  

Since we were on a budget we didn't buy plants.  Well we bought one super cook and funky "Harry Potter" plant.  I guess it is supposed to be called something else....riddle to you....what?  They put in the beds, shaped them gave us a gorgeous map of what we could or should plant where and why and we were VERY PLEASED. 

And have you seen their happy trucks? I mean RIDICULOUS HAPPY TRUCKS.  I think we can pay extra to get those parked out in front of our house for a longer period of time.  AMAZING fun, and I think I forgot to ask what inspired all that artwork...but it certainly stands out, just like their landscaping. Seriously. The little touches they do like raking the mulch beds first....such attention to detail is why the finished job stands out.

George and "the guys" do most of the other labor and planning.  And they are awesome.  This year we had them reseed our patchy back yard (thanks to our 86 pound dog Steve....taking it out of his allowance.) and put down new mulch and pull out a monster fence post  thingie.  They were great, especially when the grass needed additional soil and seed put down a month later.  George blamed me, saying I overwatered and washed the seed away, I say he deliberately missed spots so they could keep coming back to see me and receive good natured sparring.  Neither of us is right but we think we are awfully funny.) George is VERY funny and dry with his humor..I don't suppose most of you will get that special treatment, we did pay extra for attitude.  

Call Horse's Landscaping for a free estimate or a $50 plan you can do yourself.  They are excellent, fast, entertaining and so knowledgeable....I would love to see pictures of the work too!Ask for the "Attitude Package", and tell them Lazy Heather sent you.  Actually you might get attitude for free along with Horse's gorgeous detailed well priced landscape jobs: Lucky You!

p.s. NOTE:  This ain't no sponsored post either.  In fact I bet I will get charged MORE now since my friends will call and hire Horses Landscaping too and George and Erica will have to put up with all of you fabulous sassy folks.  OOPS.

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