Listen To Your Mother Show is THIS WEEK!

Oh you guys, I am so excited this week! 

The Listen to Your Mother show is happening THURSDAY.

If you haven't heard me babble on about it...the show is one of ten national independent productions of Listen to Your Mother, a group of area writers reading their pieces on the beauty, beast and barely rested of Motherhood.  I read a version of a NPR & speaking  piece "Reluctant Motherhood" in the show last year which you can watch here.  

This year I am doing "Nightmare After Midnight" about my struggle to parent well in the middle of the night.  (Or at least stay out of the news for my parenting in the middle of the night.)  Though I love my work, my truth, my authenticity....just like last year my little part pales in comparison to the pain, the joy, the bravery and the journeys of the other women speaking.  Some are mamas, some are daughters, all tell a rich story I cannot wait to hear again.  While laughing and crying and celebrating life.

We were in the paper this Sunday...above the fold whoo hoo!  You can read the fabulous quotes here and see the least flattering newspaper pic I have ever taken too.  I am so much thinner and smarter in real life.  Right?

I know it is happening soon because I have started getting the hourly(creative license with the truth here) emails from our passionately energetic director Stephanie Precourt.  If she isn't emailing us or Tweeting about LTYM she is posting about it on her blog!  I am SO GRATEFUL to God for bringing Stephanie into my life.  I am changed from meeting her in many ways.  I blogged and radio'd about her here.

This show is so special because it gives everyone, not just mamas, permission to be real and honest about the good bad and ugly of parenting.    

If you have a story to tell, start writing it up now to audition for next year.  Even if your piece doesn't fit into the show, the creative process can be encouraging.  The show only tells a few stories.  Each one of us has precious valuable tales to tell....we matter.

If you want to bless a woman in your life take her to see Listen to Your Mother show, or give her a pair of tickets to take someone else.  She will thank you for it. BIGTIME.  

Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana is Thursday May 10 at 7PM. Tickets are available at the Memorial Opera House box office and online

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