Craftastic: Hobby Horses from Clutter

Would your kids love an ugly hobby horse made from random stuff  you have lying around? 

I love my Mind Organization for Moms system! Today as I did my weekly review, I remembered I am supposed to post this crafty craft.  Aren't you lucky?

I was thumbing through my AWESOME Parenting magazine a few weeks ago and saw a hobby horse like this.

I loved it so much I looked it up immediately to buy two.

They. Were. $40.

Really, not bad for the beauty and quality, but it wasn't going to fit our budget.  At. All.

If you can swing that, say you only have one kid, you are a grandparent, etc, PLEASE look at all her gorgeousness on Manely Recycled on Etsy.

So in the same 'buy from a real person instead of a company' vein, I searched Etsy for hobby horses.  I found some GREAT ones...and THIS ONE from Jekki Lu made of socks for about $25.  Now this seller used nice horse colored socks, horse like colored yarn etc....but she probably isn't an impatient only child like me.  Or lazy like me, wanting to use what might already be at hand.  Plus she is trying to have people actually buy them, unlike me where I am just inflicting them upon my unsuspecting toddlers.

Here is what I started with:

One old sad sock way stuffed.

A second sock, well on it's way to becoming a hobby horse.

My awesome Dad whittled the bark off of two sturdy sticks, but they still would have been good un- don't be jealous of my whittling Dad.

Baby socks folded and hand sewn on.  Yup creative like that.  Plus baby socks are stinkin' cute. 

The only thing I bought was buttons for the eyes.  If I was super crafty I would have had felt or some such.  Buttons could be chokeable....ahhh.

They were UGLY.  And beautiful.  I was proud and they played with them and the world was as it should be:  HAPPY &  FREE!

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