What You Want for Mother's Day as seen online from free to $3,000!

I was in an awesome store called Lifestyles in downtown Valparasio, Indiana.  It has something for everyone and even my husband enjoys shopping there.  For anyone!  (And they gift wrap for free!)

I buy or want to buy  essential oils, incense, sassy hats, kitchen gadgets, yard decor and indulgent beauty products. gifts for babes and grandparents and everyone in between.  They have an ah maze ing upstairs with art and furnishings and WOW.  When I was there last weekend buying a gift a lady and I were swooning over the really big wind chimes.  Like as big as a person deep tolling immediately soothing like a spa vacation big wind chimes.  She was saying she wanted really deep ones and I said they were probably a couple hundred dollars.  (But even crazier: Check out these three thousand dollar ones! ) She checked the price tag and they were over four hundred dollars!  She says "I think I will ask for those for Mother's Day."  


I had several responsive thoughts:

1) What, instead of a car this year?

Hear the rest of my responses and get a fantastic link list I compiled of  unique, affordable and creative Mother's Day Gifts over at Mumbling Mommy blog NOW!  

(Spoiler alert:  John, I really want a hammock!!!!)

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