Weird Randomness in Pictures for your Enjoyment

Here is a collection of weird (and sometimes wonderful) randomness for your enjoyment.  I have been saving some of these babies up for a few months now.  

A friend I adore bought herself some curves. I was so pleased for her I made these cookies.  She ate all of 'em.  Hope she gets more curves because she is thinner than I am and I dislike it.

Here is a car in my neighborhood, which is nowhere near the country.  Can you read that bag?  It is a bag of GOAT FEED!  Huh?

This fanciful combo was in my picket for all of date night.  A binky and a pair of Buzz Lightyear underpants.  For my girl. Who loves Buzz.  She wears 'em backwards so she can see Buzz better.  Did I mention this was DATE NIGHT?

This is called a cheese grater.  That isn't cheese.  Pedicure, anyone?  GACK!

When a llama visited our library they shared this little 3D number on "Llama Beans"
1)  They aren't beans and 2) DO NOT EAT THEM!

I made this clean/dirty dishwasher doohicky and gave it away to THE MOST AWESOME FUNNY blogger friend.

These were all on one very angry Republican's car.  She came out when I was taking the pictures....and was nice to me when I explained my Dad was a gun nut too.  Hmmm.

It says "Do not put child in bag".  This is on the shopping bag section behind a department store stroller.  REALLY?  They had some prior reason to CYA on that?  "Here's your sign."

This is what greeted me one early morning.  It is moments like these that I REALLY LOVE parenting. You truly never know what to expect and usually you can laugh about it.  PJs to which she added a tutu, cardigan and face mask.  

This creepy viking is in a breakfast place we simply call "The Butter Place" taking over a pal's nickname for it because....well if I have to explain it to you you probably do not have a weight problem or food addiction like me.  

I myself HATE onions raw, love to cook with them, and had a HUGE laugh over a hand crank minced onion dispenser in my local Costco.

If you have seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" then you know one of the many reasons I found my daughter's Tinkerbell's shrink wrap girdle packaging to be weird and random.

Cool and weird pregnancy t-shirts.  Too late pour tu?

One of many failed attempts to photograph Libby on my back in a carrier.  
I should seriously quit deleting them and just do a series of these alone.  The poor kid is worn often and so is not in as many pictures as Portia!

A friend and I were walking and there was this really cool tree covered in vines.  And a random plastic beaded bracelet just hanging there for good random measure.  I really liked the imagery.  

Would love to hear about or see your randomness too...share, share!

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