"Smile at a Stranger" IMPACT CHALLENGE!

I was thinking this morning about how we can live lives that make a difference on a daily basis.  I want to LIVE!  
PK dressed as me. LOL!

I want to enjoy my life.  

I want others to enjoy me as I enjoy my life.   

Some people  have a solidity and an appeal to us because they make us feel important and special almost effortlessly.  I want to be the kind of person who makes an impact in other people's lives....like in a positive way.  

Usually I think my impact is more of the "Oops, did I really say that/do that/live that out loud?" variety.

Oh No!  You said that out loud Mama!

Today I was thinking of my friend Dana Lardner.  Actually, it was her folks Mary and Dean Waldman who introduced us who also came to mind.  I was working in a Chicago Blockbuster Video (remember those?) and they were regular customers.  I was young and loud and having fun as an actress in the big city.  They saw something in me they thought their daughter might like, so they set us up.  Seriously.  I could have chatted all day with any of three of them.  And don't get me started about Dana's cutie brother Alex!  

Dana and I became fast friends and have been so ever since despite distance and life changes and time.  My friendship with her was deepened through her family. Dr. Dean and Mary invited me to dinner many times.  They made a point of seeing me when they were in town.  I stayed with them on one of my cross country drives.   The whole family is warm, funny and intelligent.  Fiercely intelligent.  Maybe that is part of what makes them special?  Perhaps they are so secure in their own abilities and value that they can then pour out into other people?  

The Waldman family listened attentively to me when I spoke.  They made efforts to stay in touch with me.  They obviously enjoyed my presence and friendship and made me feel valuable.  

I want to do that for other people, but I fear I am so obsessed with myself, my tiny dramas and what I would like to say next that I cannot do it.

I want to bring out and retain the sparkle and vivre I know is within me.  Sometimes it is piled under cellulite and children's sticky faces and laundry  (FOLDED!) in baskets on the floor for days.  


Sometimes it is alive.  I write a card to someone dear.  I make a meal for a new mama.  I shut my mouth and just listen.  (It happens, sometimes!)

My favorite is when I smile at a stranger on my way into a place and their face transforms from bland to grinning back.  We make a connection without words and I know I have lifted their day with a quick twitch of facial muscles, nothing else.  I feel lighter, more special, more valuable.  And I think they might too.

Here is a challenge to you:  Smile at strangers over the next few days and report back what you see.  Tell us how you feel.  I will be doing this too and will update in a few days or so.

Also, what small things have you done or had done for you that made you feel special?  

Can you offer ideas for the rest of us to pick up and apply this week?  
www.BraveGirlsClub.com daily emails are a favorite for me!

Share your spark, readers....comment below so I know you are out there and reading and that these words make a difference to you, just you!

SMILE!  (But check your teeth first. Those everything bagels can create a fright!)

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